Monday, October 29, 2007

OH MY GOSH, OH.....MY.....GOSH......I am so doing the Happy Dance right now. I just found out that I am so going to Creative Escape 2008. Trisha and I both signed up for a spot in the lottery for registration since last year the 550 spots available had sold out in a mere 90 seconds with over 1200 people on the waiting list. Last week I was sending out all those messages to the Universe that I had learned from The Secret and I told her I had my (virtual) bags packed. Finally on Thursday when reality started to hit, because I felt that surely all the spots had been filled and obviously we weren't any of the initial "600 chosen ones", I told her I should probably just unpack my bags. But wait, just a few minutes ago there was a little ring-ring on my phone-phone and guess who should call? Why it was Trisha asking if I had unpacked my bags yet. At this point I honestly thought she was kidding with me. You see, at that very moment I was taken back to the conversation she and I had on Saturday morning on our way to bootcamp about a phone call Kirk made to her asking where she wanted him to take Torin because he needed to go to the ER and she was thinking that he was messing with her. Again, she knew that I had my (virtual) bags packed but I just figured this was her way to get back at me for something/anything so I told her no, I had not yet unpacked because honestly, I had not had time to unpack and let me just say that I am so glad I didn't. I am guessing we were lucky because the only way I figure she got drawn in the lottery was because someone didn't accept their spot. We are so going........we are so going.......we are so going to Creative Escape 2008. Boy, can I write a rhyme! Like Trisha said, it'll be like a slumber party every night! I've never been on a girls-only trip and this is going to be the best!

I do have one little, itty-bitty problem with this though ~ my one year anniversary is the 8th and Creative Escape is September 4-6. I guess I'll be making that one up to Eric big, big, big time. Like I told him, there's always the following weekend, right, *wink-wink* since the real day is on a Monday anyway? Yikes! Looks like I just lost some leverage around here.

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