Monday, March 03, 2008


I told my family that it would snow this winter and I wasn't wrong! It's 34 degrees right now and it's snowing. I am so loving this - I just wish I could go outside and play but it's too dark out. I made a run to Target this afternoon and I could smell winter in the air and it was at that point that I knew the predictions for the forecast were right on - SNOW. See the little flecks in the photo? Those are snowflakes. Beautiful white and wet snowflakes! It's March 3rd, 17 days until spring and it's snowing. It's absolutely gorgeous. I spend all winter dreaming of snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights and sledding. I love the sound of the snow falling, the way it insulates the cars as they drive by and the tranquility as the flakes fall to the ground. Hard to believe there are no two exactly alike.

This year it was quite an unusual winter, as it has been most everywhere in the country, and we didn't get but a few flakes blowing around now and then but now it's officially SNOWING! We're getting tons of flakes! I may be going outside to play in the morning!

Just hoping the heat stays away for as long as possible - I so live for this. I get the four seasons living here, a very long hot season that I absolutely despise although I do love the late evenings during the spring, summer and fall (since it's still hot here in the fall) and I still get my cold air in the winter with an occasional snowfall. Just so you know if you haven't already guessed ~ I'm doing the happy dance!

I've been busy lately. I got the cabinet stained the other day and we finally got it up on the wall this past weekend. The laundry room is finally the way I have wanted it to be since we got our washer/dryer last February. I love the cabinet and love even more that I have a place to push in my groovy 3-bin laundry sorter from The Container Store and the hallway is now clear and it all looks super! The hallway even got a new coat of paint today. I'm telling you, I'll make a carpenter out my hubby yet! It's amazing the things I get to teach him! Thanks Dad! I wouldn't be half the woman I am today if it wasn't for you.

And more paint..............this is the focal point of our bedroom and the wall which the new bed will be up against. It looks so amazing in person. And I am just loving those vinyl rub-ons. It's such an easy way to accent and it makes a huge statement.

My wrist is so sore from all the painting I have been doing this past week. If you read any earlier posts you'll know that I have been painting and preparing for the arrival of our new (no, not baby) furniture. I stained the cabinets and painted the master bath last week and I painted the master bedroom last night and this morning and of course, being the "machine" (Eric calls me that since I just never seem to stop) that I am I decided that the hallway could use a new coat of paint as well. I even did the baseboards/trim. I only have the family room, living room/dining room and kitchen left to paint. I plan to stain the kitchen cabinets next and I plan to have that complete before the furniture arrives on Saturday. Trying to manage work and all of this redecorating with bootcamp, the family and my page for the store due by Saturday makes me crazy when I think about it but I know I'll get it done somehow. It helps that I am sleeping much better. I felt like a zombie so much so that I was needing to sleep nearly every morning after the kids were off to school. How sad is that. I actually thought there may be something wrong with me but it seems that it was just lack of good sleep on that really horrible mattress we had. I hope the new mattress will allow me a good night's rest. I guess we'll see very soon.

Eric went out and purchased a Bissell carpet cleaner and cleaned the bedroom carpet so the room will feel completely new once everything is back in place and the new bed is in place. I feel so good about all the things that we have done to the house lately. It really helps to liven things up and also makes it feel more like it is ours since we decide together on the color choices. It's really nice to have a partner to share those things with and I do have to admit I love the look on Eric's face when he sees what I have done.

Okay, I'm off to check out the snowfall. I'll be dreaming of snow angels and sledding tonight!

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love the paint and rub on thing!


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