Monday, July 21, 2008

Well HELLO Monday

This is our resident Sunflower, species Helianthus annus, that our littlest Little is tending which is housed in a mongo pot in the backyard. The above photo is from Thursday morning of last week while the photo below is from Sunday evening hence the distinguished difference of colors of petals in the photos. *Note to self: Make sure you learn what time of day to take photos for proper lighting otherwise quit trying to take photos with the sun shining directly at you behind the trees.

We have enjoyed watching her take care of her H. annus - she treats it as if it is her own baby. She tends it morning and evening making sure it has plenty of water to drink. And right now with the heat we've been having, it needs a plenty of agua. I am almost certain the diligence of caring for this beautiful bundle of petals is somewhat significant to the fact that she continues to beg us to allow her to have some sort of 4-legged creature added to our family. That is so not happening.

I hear that Tropical Storm Dolly is headed towards south Texas. Hopefully some of that low pressure will head our way and give us a much needed break from this heat we've been enduring now for way too long.

We had a very nice weekend despite the heat being turned up on high. I went on my first training walk for the 3-Day. We walked over 8 miles Saturday morning nd let me tell you what, contrary to what I had convinced myself of I know absolutely nothing! I didn't figure that walking Saturday (that far) would impact me quite as much as it did. Let's just say that while I know I shouldn't run while training for the 3-Day, I am definitely done with running until the 3-Day is over. And I definitely need new shoes. Listing what didn't hurt was a much shorter list than what actually did hurt. Also, if you feel it in your heart to give, please visit my website by clicking on the link to the right and help me fight for a cure for breast cancer. I'll do the hard part, walking 60 miles, if you'll support me in my journey! Speaking of which, I need to get cranking on those donation cans. I think that's a great project to take along to our Rubberband retreat this weekend. Something I can work on, if I have leisure time and am not involved chit-chatting or doing the multiple other projects that are lined up for us!

I just logged in to the Creative Escape website and realized it is only 44 days until CE which means it is 42 days until I leave for Phoenix and 48 days until we leave for our 1st anniversary destination, our beautiful honeymoon spot in Negril, Jamaica - Couples Swept Away! Woohoo! I am totally ready to be swept away again with my incredibly sexy hubby. And I am in awe over the fact that it is less than 50 days away. You know what that means, it means time is ticking! I think I need to put a bazillion countdown clocks on my blog because I should be counting down to when the kiddos head back to school too! That would be 35 days people! Only 35 days until my sanity is once again intact!!

It is going to be one really super busy month when August rolls around in a few days. Get ready for the list maker to have her lists strewn all over the house and for the whirlwind to once again be whistling! Lots to do and not enough time to do it all!

Make it a great day.

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