Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So it's an interesting day with an interesting date.  Somehow everyone seems fascinated with these weird dates and it's almost as if it is an unconventional holiday.  And funny how Eric and I got married on 09/08/07 and it didn't even occur to me until after the fact that the date was actually 9-8-7.  Weird.  At least I will never forget the date!
Aside from the silly thing with the silly date it was day 2 of 'The 21 Challenge' with Rhonna and she asked 9 (bet you couldn't have guessed that one, could you?) questions about day #1:
9 questions:
1. How was your Day 1
2. Did you make it? 
3. Did you stay strong?
4. Did you take that step towards your goal?...towards the stronger YOU? 
5. Did you make the time? 
6. Do you feel good? 
7. Do you feel the POWER inside of you?
8. Did you share this with others?
9. Do you feel strong?
Yesterday was a crazy day.  Between work and it being our second anniversary I found it difficult to find the time to accomplish those goals I had set up for myself to achieve but there are events that sort of trump other things and this was definitely one of them.  Eric and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Maggiano's last night, spent some time wandering through Anthropologie (a girls dream, I could move right into that store and call it home in a heartbeat) at The Shops at Willow Bend and then headed over to La Madeleine for some yummy dessert.
And today I jumped in feet first by jumping on my bike and riding 9-1/2 miles after working until about noon.  It felt so good to be out there doing something good for myself that makes me feel good about me.  I did find it hard to fit in some creative time but I feel as long as I am trying my hardest to find the time I feel I will succeed in actually scheduling it in, if only 30 minutes a day.  Though if I really wanted to be technical the time I spent tonight with my dear friend, Michelle, was probably as much a time of being creative as if I was actually here in my studio playing with my supplies so maybe I really did accomplish both goals today.  Yeah, I think I really did!
Tomorrow is a new day and I feel the challenge evolving and changing my world, be it ever so slowly, because "A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step."Lao-Tzu

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