Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moving Right Along's now Day 6 in The 21 Challenge with Rhonna and I am full speed ahead.  I have been consistent, strong and focused.  I have magically found (read: made) time to create and also to get in a workout.  Whether it is running, riding or doing my DVDs I have been focusing on the end result, or rather the bigger picture and that has kept me in line.  The creative time has somehow snuck into my world every day (funny how that has happened) and I am feeling much better because I am doing something I want to do rather than being my normal work-a-holic self.  *sigh*  I am getting in there and getting my hands dirty, if you will.  I am trying to lose that problem I have with 'saving' my stuff for that perfect project that may never come up and using it and not being concerned I cannot get more.  There is always more.
I will admit right now that it will be tough to stay on task like this every single day from here on out because there are lots of "out of my hands" issues that come up, but I need to do this for my being.  My creative spirit needs to be nourished and allowed to come out and play and my body needs to be in tip top shape and I will continue to be healthy and strong because of it.  Besides, I have two kids that look up to me and what I do impacts their worlds.


jess from florida (willowgrove) said...

as a fellow 21er, just wanted to pop in and encourage you along! we are all doing so well. rhonna's the best!

donnaj said...

you've been busy!


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