Monday, October 05, 2009


Fall has arrived and we have been enjoying some really nice weather complete with cloudy days and misty, cooler air!  This is my most favorite time of the year and this is when I am at my happiest by far.  I am just so not a warm weathered girl.  Oh yes, the HOLIDAYS are around the corner.  The weather is cooler and I can wear my sweaters, jeans, warm and fuzzy socks and my flannel Nick & Nora pj's as well as my favorite slippers and I do not sweat like I just ran a half marathon.  And let's not forget the apple cider and hot cocoa as well as the wonderful scents of the season!  I wait for this all year long!

Did I mention I was in my happy place?

I had to spruce up the place a bit.  Head over to the House of 3 for some spooktacular couture for your blog!  We all deserve a new outfit every now and then!

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