Thursday, December 31, 2009

the first decade of the 21st century is about to be but a mere memory

Let's never speak of 2009 again

I'm sitting here trying to grasp just how quickly the year 2009 passed by.  I very clearly remember the events of the past year, even the past 18+ months.  It's true what they say....."what a difference a year makes" though it doesn't always necessarily mean it will be good.  There are no promises when it comes to each day we are given except that it is a gift.  A gift to be opened as we start each day anew.  We don't always know what that day will hold for each one of us or what things will be like next week, next month or even next year but we keep trudging along hoping for a brighter tomorrow.  2009 was a pretty bad year for most everyone though there have been years in the past that haven't been so good and so I realize another thing they say rings true - history does seem to have a way of repeating itself. 

I hope that 2010 brings better days for each one of us as well as many blessings, good health, wonderful memories and brighter outcomes.

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Shell said...

Let 2010 be magical!


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