Wednesday, September 01, 2010

new day, new month

Happy glad the calendar has now flipped to the month of September and fall is just a few short weeks away.  I have been not so secretly wishing that it was winter.  Everyone knows my stance on this.  The summer has been so miserable this year and I'm ready for some cool, crisp weather.  I am happiest when I can wear my jeans and a sweater or t-shirt and warm, thick socks because at least if it gets warmer I can pull off a layer and still be comfy.  I'm so totally ready for soup and pies and fall scented candles and leaves crunching under my feet and needing a jacket when I go out. 

The heat has taken it's toll on all of us this summer and for a while we felt as if the life was being sucked out of us.  School started last Monday and we had 100 degree temps for several of the days during the first week so it didn't feel too different than it had for the oh, past three months or so.  Regardless, the kids are getting their routines back in order and I'm trying my best to keep everything on track here at home.  It's a good feeling to have started our new chapter for the last part of 2010 and having both kids in high school now is definitely a chapter all its own.  I am doing my best at keeping up with my yoga practice and have been running again since the evenings are a bit cooler as it cools down a bit quicker at night now.  This new routine though, I will admit, has been a bit more difficult since we have one that is working now so at times it's just me and my pumpkinhead here for dinner and let's just say she tells me in no uncertain terms that she wants a meal.  She has this insatiable desire to eat real meals (and I can't blame her, who doesn't....I love it when we have real meals and eat them as a family) and isn't really into the whole "something easy" routine.  Tonight I had to explain to her that with regards to cooking a meal when everyone else is at work and it's just her and I it is pointless for me to make an entire meal for us to eat because the two kiddos under this roof refuse to eat the left overs.  There are lots of little meals being made now so that Jack can get to work and the other times Eric and I are in the kitchen tag teaming.  It's so great to have a husband that shares in that aspect of our lives.  We actually work really well together and cook some awesome meals and when we can all sit down at the table and have dinner that is the highlight of my day because I will never get to do that again....not that day and not that time with the two mini loves of my life. That day will never happen again and that is something I realized a few years ago as I got to thinking about how quickly the kiddos have sprouted.  Eric hears me tell him all the time about how we will never get the chance to do this with the kids again because we will never get that day back or that hour back or that moment back.  I tell him that even though sometimes I get annoyed with folding load after load of laundry (which, by the way, he also rocks at managing since he does more laundry than I do) or cleaning up the bathroom or whatever little mundane task it may be we will very soon be missing the reason why we do these things.

I try to never forget to cherish each precious moment I have been given with my sweet family. 

We do not remember days....we remember moments.  ~Cesare Pavese

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Michelle said...

you have such a sweet family....
happy Sept!
Here's to cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes!


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