Friday, October 29, 2010

the 29th

A text from my little one this morning:
Taryn:  Exactly 3 months til my birthday!!
Me:  Yesirree!

I think someone in this house is very excited that her birthday is coming (how can I blame her - birthdays are for Princesses, this I know) but I think she is more excited by the fact that she will then be able to take her driving course so she can learn to drive. 
Yesterday I spent the day running a few more errands and then made my way to the NorthPark Williams-Sonoma to see Bakerella at her booksigning for Cake Pops.

Angie is so adorable and sweet.  My only regret is that I did not purchase the book and have her sign it.  I had big plans of getting down there early expecting there to be a line but by the time I actually got there the line was really pretty long and I decided I didn't want to stand in line that long even though now I wished that I had.  Hind sight is 20/20 vision and I will probably never get that opportunity again but I did get to see her and hear the Q&A session so with that I am okay about it.  Now, if I actually win the signed copy of the book from The Nerd's Wife blog that would be the icing on my cake pop, for sure!  Head on over to sign up for your own chance to win.  I've got my fingers and toes crossed!

I then walked through the mall visiting my favorite stores ~ Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, XXI, Juicy, Paper Source, Lush ~ for inspiration and eye candy, had lunch at Tin Star and then headed out.  When I walked through WS to get to the parking lot where I parked the car there was still a line of people waiting (they were all finally inside the door) to have their books signed and the last person in line at that time had #143 on their sticker which meant there were a lot of fans waiting to meet and talk to the super awesome Angie.  I'm planning on making cake pops and when I do I am ready as I bought the cutter to do just that!
Last night I spent time with my sweet friend, Michelle, who is always a source of inspiration and support.  A true beacon of light in my little world.  She is weeks away from giving birth to her second baby boy, Luke, who I am so excited to finally meet.  I covered nesting totes for the nursery and made a couple of fun tags to decorate the gifts with.  I've had the best time with this super fun die by Tim Holtz Alterations.  That Tim....he never ceases to amaze!
Making rosettes has become an addiction! 
Super simple adding a beautiful touch to packaging.  I wish I had gotten photos of all the tags I made because I broke out the crepe paper as well!

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Michelle said...

Your tags were stunning as were the beautiful gifts! Brock and Luke and I are so lucky to have such a lovely and creative Princess in our life! You make our world better by being in it! and it is you who inspires me


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