Tuesday, November 30, 2010

and just like that

the month of November is gone.  This means that a new month will be upon us and I will finally dig out my "December Daily".  This cute little book is our last project we did at the fabulous Janet Hopkins' last local class.  It's a sweet little project that will be used to record something for each day of December leading up to Christmas.  By the way, if you are local and can make it, you NEED to join us for Janet's local classes.  She's adorable and quick witted and always has us in stitches.  If you follow her blog you'll see her post about the local classes or better yet, send her an e-mail (just look under her profile photos on her blog) and ask her to add you to the e-mail list for the local classes.

Have you ever heard of Ali's December Daily?  It's worth checking out if you want to document your holiday season.  This doesn't require any large commitment other than throwing together an album and making sure you have a place for 25 entries.  It's a perfect way to keep the memories safely tucked away and easy to pull out when you want to reminisce about what you did, what traditions you may have or what activities you may have participated in.  You can add photos or recipes.  You will surely need to journal.  Please make sure to do at least some of the journaling in your handwriting so those you love can see what it looks like.  I know for me I am sad that I don't have all my letters my grandmother used to send to me.  Her handwriting was lovely.  My dad's is just as wonderful, and mind is eerily similar to his.  I do have a few cards and things he has written notes on that I have tucked away., even for my kids.  I do have another grandmother who still sends me handwritten letters and I hold on to them so I can go back someday to see what her handwriting looks like. 

This shows a few pages of the inside of the book.  One page for each day, 25 pages in all.  I'm all set to document each day as I start a new tradition, one I hope to pass along to my children.  Here's to the next 25 days.  I sure hope they don't speed by so fast I miss half of what is going on!

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