Tuesday, February 08, 2011

in winter's path

Once again we're up for another blast of Old Man Winter.  He's sending down an arctic front which will bring us another round of rain turning to sleet which will then turn to snow.  Not exactly sure on how much we'll get...I've heard 4-6" as well as 5-8".  Guess I'll wait until it's all over to calculate just what we actually get.  Wondering if the kids will be out of school yet again since it's only going to be a high of 29 tomorrow with a low of 10 which will make for treacherous driving conditions.  There are already school closings posted for tomorrow around the area.  We're once again going to be experiencing rolling blackouts as the temps dip back to near the single digits.   
Remember this little yummy I mentioned to you the other day?  If you're aching to take a little peeky-poo you can do it here:

I took the plunge and spent the $3.30 on it to devour the 170 pages with no ads.  There are some big name artists in this little baby and I'm excited to take some time to sit down over the next few days, in between all the other creating and deadlines I'm working on right now.

I supposed it's about time I rush off and finish working on these little "lovelies" so I can get another box ready to be shipped tomorrow.
I really should have been on the ball and had it done and sent off today but for some reason I just can't seem to get everything done.  Do I sound like a broken record?  Alrighty....3, 2, 1....here I go.  Wish me luck on finding a box that is small enough but yet big enough so I don't spend a fortune sending it!

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Michelle said...

so glad the storm let up and we got to catch up!


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