Monday, September 25, 2006


And all the stars in the sky were aligned just well enough to kick me in the butt this morning. Eric came flying into the bedroom after kissing me farewell on the way out to start his day. He decided to stop in the pantry to grab some grub and was greeted with this:
Water.........covering the pantry floor and upon further investigation the carpet
Water heater......culprit, as it dribbles water all over the floor from the top of the unit

Well, I do have to say that after soaking (no pun intended) $250 into it just a few months back this is really a slap in the behind, but all in all it could have been so much worse. I mean, the bottom could have blown out of the water heater and drained its lovely rusty, hot self all over my floors and for sure that would have covered every square inch of the house, but that didn't happen. Huh uh. Not only were my floors spared and our belongings not soaked to their very core, I got to drop $1050 on a new water heater so it can happen all over again when the new one decides its water-warming life is over. Wow, talk about feeling raped........$1050? I'm trying to figure out how they come up with that total. Oh, and that's not all, the check engine light in my car came on again. It is just like clockwork, every two months.

I'm trying to figure this one out:

$250-300 brand spankin new water warmer
$ 20 drip pan (like it'll help)
$ 5 drain spout (to drain the drip pan that really won't help)
1.5 hours labor
$ 1050 total and PRICELESS

What on Earth am I paying for? I think that I have a pretty important career in healthcare dealing with accuracy and people's health and I certainly do not get paid that kind of money for the job that I do. I am beginning to think that I am (or maybe Eric is) in the wrong line of work. Okay, on second thought, I don't like the look of plumber's butt and I certainly don't have one and neither does he so I am figuring that wouldn't work for us. I guess there's still the corner........?

Okay, the day wasn't a total loss, even though it was not exacty the way I would have liked to have spent my day off - having to take a day off with pay - but I did go up to the school and surprise my daughter at lunch. She was so surprised and the look on her face was so worth it. I haven't been to lunch with her since she switched schools several years ago and I went back to work full time, so that was a treat for the both of us. Gosh, after checking the website for nutritional information I find there was enough fat in that Chic-Fil-A lunch to kill a chicken and I think I've had my week's worth all in one sitting. Hopefully that 4 mile run (okay, I had to walk as well due to nearly vomiting every 5 minutes with that lump of lard in my belly jiggling around) that I took tonight will help even out at least 25% of that 'OOPS' lunch I inhaled today. Wishful thinking, I gather.

The week is off to a great start.......let's see what tomorrow brings.

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