Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another month flies by....

Wow, I cannot believe that another month has already flown by and I haven't even found time to post.

What in the world am I doing that I cannot find time to blog?

What am I doing that I can barely find time for my art?

What am I doing?

I'm not sure what it is I am doing. I can tell you that I DID do invites/thank yous/decorations for one of my very dear girlfriend's son's first birthday but that was something like two weeks ago that I finished all that stuff. So what has consumed my life since then I am unsure.

The weather. Wow! Two days ago it was like a spring day out there and today it was beautiful until around 2 pm and then the cold front came through and it poured down rain. Much needed by my lawn that was just treated so I am so very thankful for that.

My ex-husband. What fantasy is he living that he thinks he can just waltz back into my kids' lives? I'm not sure what he is smoking but I am willing to bet it must be something pretty pricey to think that I would even consider he enter our lives after all that he has put us through. I think not. The last e-mail that "RICHARD" sent me was something completely different than any e-mail he has sent. Its lack of grammatical and spelling errors tells me that someone other than he actually wrote it. He is not capable of any better than the 'back 40, outhouse out back' speak and he definitely did not attain this usual goal in the most recent e-mail. Several have told me he is buttering me up for something and I agree though I am totally unsure of what it could possibly be unless his only motive is to have contact with the kids again. He makes the comment in the e-mail about the For Kids Sake program that you have to take in Texas if you have children before you can be divorced (except that he told me I did not take it - well, I was there and I did waste my time on it) and that in the best interest of the kids the parents must get along. Well, he goes on to say that I WOULD talk to him if it was in the best interest of the kids and he wants to move back here or nearby and give the kids the life they deserve. Well guess what, not-so-sugar-daddy........these are now my kids and you gave up any right you had to them so back off........because they are mine and they want nothing to do with you. But us telling him that will not work because he thinks that I am just coaching the kids when they speak to him so we stay consistently quiet on this end. That's not all but let me say that honestly......the guy is SICK!

On a much brighter note I am preparing for a trip to Tampa to meet my new niece. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have two nieces. Hannah is an absolute joy and I am certain that Siennah is going to be just as big of a joy in our lives as her sister is. I am so excited to just be able to spend a few days spoiling the dickens out of both of them. I finally get to feel what my sister feels from my children. What a true blessing that is!

Oh......and before I forget........I think it may be nearly official (minus the diamond) that Eric and I have decided that we are going to get married. It seems like the natural next step and I don't honestly think I could ask for anything more from any man than I get from him. He is an absolute catch and that includes the fact that he is HOT! How lucky am I and the same goes for the kids. He loves them like they are his own. to plan a wedding. This time there won't be a JP quickie!

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