Friday, January 05, 2007

TIME FLIES.........

Wow, it's been nearly a month since the last time I posted to this site. It's crazy how time flew by during the Holiday season. I hope everyone had a super Holiday. I know I definitely had the best Christmas ever this year.

I'm still working on my ideas for my business and today my sister threatened me by giving me three months and if by that time I wasn't 'doing it' she was going to tell Eric on me. She's just silly. Anyway, I finished my sisters baby announcements and my friend's birthday invitations for her son's first birthday. How exciting is that? Now I need to get the thank you cards done and do something with all the 'one' ideas I have in my head for decoration and that project is complete.

I'm still fighting the whole stress thing with my job and trying not to feel like I need to go to bed once I get home. I can't tell you how badly my job is kicking my butt. It's just stupid. Maybe I just need to go to the spa and use my gift certificate and focus on me for once since that never happens anymore. I am the only person in this house who never gets time alone, ever, except when I am commuting. It sounds really crazy but sometimes I just want to sleep in my art room so I can be alone surrounded by my art.

I am going to Tampa this month to spend some time with my sister and her two beautiful girls. I am so excited to meet my precious new niece. My brother-in-law will be traveling for work so it'll just be us girls. How cool is that? There will definitely be some shopping and eating out for the four of us. I'm going to check out the area before I leave to see if there are any cool art/scrapbooking/paper stores there to check out. The last time I was there we celebrated the baptism and first birthday of my oldest niece so we really did not have time to do any shopping or hanging out.

The topic of marriage has been one we have been talking about recently. I am truly not sure if I am ready to get remarried or if I am just afraid to do it because of the history and the awful marriage I am finally rid of and the divorce that is finally totally and completely done. I can't decide. I guess I will just continue to take it day by day and see what happens. Eric is teasing me lately about how I haven't asked him to marry him yet. I keep telling him I won't do that again because I am the one who prompted my first marriage in the first place. But as I told him today, when I think about my ex, the dating and the marriage and everything that it encompassed I realize now I knew deep down inside what a mistake it was to the point that he was a mistake, not that my two beautiful and lovely children are because they are totally the best midgets in the world. I could not have asked for better children (I know I have said it before and I will probably say it again). And I even feel like I have the best boyfriend in the world, too. He's totally dreamy and I've started calling him my dreamboat. Isn't that silly? Well, Valentine's is just around the corner.........I guess we'll see if he has any ideas? And if not then, my birthday is around the corner from that!

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