Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Grief - can it really be that long since I last posted? It must be because it is nearly May already. I must get better about this or Donna won't know what's going on in my life. Geesh! Anyway, since I last posted lots has happened in my life. Let's see....the kids and I have officially changed our names to my maiden name and rid ourselves of the ex's name. What a great feeling that is. Who the heck wants to be carrying that baggage around when the fool doesn't even want to take care of his own kids. Not me. Gone with it!!! I've also become engaged to a wonderful guy who has become like a dad to my kids. I will be honest, things have been touch and go at times and there have been lots of things to hurdle over (with the divorce, the multiple court dates, the termination, Eric losing his job and now about to lose the one he has, and just life in general) but we're making it. And the last thing I can think of right now is the fact that I gave my notice at my current job and the 4th of May will be my last day. I am very sad to be leaving because I will miss my co-worker and office buddy, Nina, (that's with a long 'i') so much. She has been like a mother to me and truly a wonderful friend. It's so hard to find people like that and connect in a way that you feel as if they are your family. The upside of it is that I will be home once again with my kids and playing 'mommy' as I had done for so many years previous to having to return to work full-time for benefits and a constant paycheck since we had no child support coming to us. I find that you have to trade things in order to have things you may want and I am doing just that, giving up the constant 40-hour week paycheck for a part-time pay check and being able to be home for the kids. I can hardly wait. Now I just need to get my house in order and my art room painted before I start working on the 10th. That paint can has been waiting for me since Labor Day. Teeeheeeeheee! The chore will not be in painting the room, which is a breeze - it will be hauling everything out of the room in order to paint it and then put away when I am finished. Ugh! I don't function well when my house is in disarray because for some strange reason my being is not calm when there are things everywhere and the house is a mess. Is that normal?

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donnaj said...

hope you are enjoying your free time now! good for you and where is the picture of that ring?!!!


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