Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The wedding plans are coming along quite nicely. I've gotten the photographer, the pastor, the venue, the ever important dress and shoes, the dresses for the girls and even hats for the little ones but the invitations, the food and the cupcakes and cake are still hanging out there somewhere for me to find. I've decided that I want to do cupcakes for the guests and Eric and I will have our own personal wedding cake. I even bought the platter, which is a very cool square platter, for which this wonderful cake will sit upon. I've made several contacts regarding both of these matters and actually spoken to real people but never gotten the return calls I was promised. Oh well......I will look elsewhere for my cakes. I am going to try making pink lemonade cupcakes in the next day or two. I'm very anxious to see if they would be wonderful enough to serve to my guests. I've located several blogs that post cupcake recipes and found one on this site, Confections of a Foodie Bride. Since it is a pink and white Princess-y theme I thought that cupcakes in that flavor would be super. I'll let you know when I try them out. It'll feel like a Princess-y tea party! Well, maybe not exactly but hey, it'll be beautiful! I also think I have decided that I will do paper bouquets. I took a paper flower making class at ReCollections a while back so I am going to dig out this instructions. I've also found some interesting stuff at Paper Source. They have a video on the site that tells you how to do it and all I need to do is freehand some flower petals and leaves and figure out which paper to use to make them. I did get several better ideas for putting them together from this site which should make it easier to put them together. I've got to decide which paper I want to use for the invites as well and I would like to use the same paper for the flowers as I use in the invitations to link them together. I was leaning towards the paper by Luxe. I love the designs and need double-sided paper with some oomph behind it and they definitely have that covered.

Today I got together with a girlfriend of mine and we went to an afternoon matinée of The Waitress. It was wonderful. I absolutely recommend it, especially if you need a good 108 minutes worth of laughs. What caught my interest of the movie was the fact that it was written and directed by Adrienne Shelly who was murdered in November of last year in her apartment office in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Adrienne also played the part of Dawn in the movie. Definitely two thumbs up!

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