Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just a short note to say I'm still alive and kicking, just terribly busy. We returned a week ago from our little get-away to San Antonio and all I can say is that it was definitely a relaxing time and so deserved. I haven't even had time to look at the photos from our trip but when I do I promise to post several.

I say I haven't had time for anything but I did make time to go see this movie. It was wonderful and exactly what I had hoped it would be. "There are no mistakes.........."

Today I hung out with my friend, Michelle. She has me in stitches the entire time I am with her. She helped me do some of that wedding preparation shopping I have to do and she gave me some wonderful ideas for the wedding. She even convinced me of the need for a veil, which I wasn't going to wear but now I am.

Speaking of the wedding plans, they are coming together and I've been completing invites and shopping for things that we need and busy list-making. We have finally made a decision on the honeymoon and we are going to Jamaica! Woohoo! I can hardly wait becuase I have never been out of the country, unless you count being at the United Nations in New York City where they consider you in neutral territory so you are not necessarily in the states but not necessarily outside the states (or at least that is what they told us on our tour). Anyway, we are going to this wonderful place and we can hardly wait. I can honestly say that I never, ever, in a million and one years, thought that I would get to go somewhere like this. I've often dreamed about visiting a place like, someone pinch me, I think I may be asleep.

LIFE IS GOOD..............

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