Sunday, July 29, 2007


We had a really nice rain today that gave our grass and Herbert the Tree a little drinky-poo. It was so nice to see the rain falling and hear it on the rooftop. In the 15 years I have lived here in Texas I have never seen a summer such as the one we are having right now. I am enjoying it but could definitely do without the humidity. I feel like we live in Houston. After Bootcamp I can literally take my workout clothes and wring them out. It's just nasty! Speaking of Bootcamp, I am totally feeling it! I've had two intense mornings of training and I love what it means when I hurt like this. I am so loving how that bikini will fit when I am on the beach in Negril. ~smirk~ We are now only 42 days away.......

I had an entire day of shopping this past Wednesday. One of my girlfriends took the day off from her new job (yep, new job) to go out and do some major power wedding/honeymoon shopping with me. I had such a great time buying the necessities for my wedding, honeymoon and of course, the ever anticipated wedding night. Betsy Johnson won my heart for the nightie to be worn on the most important night of our lives! I also spoiled myself with the necklace I have been *needing* from Juicy Couture. Gotta spoil yourself once in a while and I am definitely in that kind of mood lately. Maybe I'm going a little overboard but Trisha did say that if I was not selfish enough she would walk behind me and kick my gushy tushy until she was satisfied that I was being as selfish as I should be, but I think she actually meant it in reference to the wedding and not necessarily to my little splurge but hey, I was wedding shopping and it is my fairy tale!

I am so addicted to Big Brother 8. I love all the drama that goes on inside the house. If I seen another *Jen* shirt I am going to totally vomit. That girl is so stuck on herself. Gosh, 'I' is literally her most favorite word and topic. Then there's Dick and Daniele. I guess in a small part I can relate to their relationship. But, I cannot imagine spending 24/7 with 12 other people in that way. How easy would it be to really like some and really dislike others and then have to vote out someone every single week. What if your best friend in the house got voted wrong is that? And to eat slop for a week - what a diet! My daughter and sister watch it and then I call them after it is over so we can talk about it. It's a family affair! I've been a big fan of this show since the inception eight years ago. Hard to believe it has been that long. And then there is Army Wives. I love following the characters from week to week. There aren't many shows I can really say I love but this is definitely one.

I love (in no particular order, mind you):
Rescue Me
Army Wives
Big Brother
Prison Break
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Good thing these are all scattered sporadically throughout the year. It would be so hard to find time to watch TV every night. Thank God for my TiVos!

I went to CDWorld in Addison this weekend looking for Ingrid Michaelson's new CD Girls and Boys but was unlucky in my search. I think that I will just try to find it on the web and order it so I don't have to hunt it down. She is like a breath of fresh air. Kind of puts me in my happy place.

I'll post some photos of the San Antonio trip tomorrow.

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donnaj said...

sounds like a fun day! closer to the wedding than i can believe!
and army wives is good~
seen "saving grace" ?


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