Monday, October 08, 2007

Homecoming week 2007

Today we headed to historic downtown McKinney for the McKinney High Lions Homecoming parade. School was out, it was a fair day, but school activities still took precedence over a nice leisurely morning of sleeping in. It will be a busy week around here with all the activities going on at the school. Tonight was the Powder Puff game and Taryn wanted to go with Tanner so badly. She really wants to play football. She is such a girly-girl but sometimes she is such a tomboy. You never know what you are going to get with her but she is really stuck on this idea of wanting to play football. She says it looks like fun to get tackled. Tanner has taken her outside and played some football with her and tackled her a bit but she still claims she wants to do it. Wait until the first time she gets tackled from one of the boys who knows she is out there and really railroads here- not sure if that will go over too well, besides, she may break a nail and that seems to be big on her list of bummers lately.

Yesterday was an art day. Trisha came over and we worked for about four hours on a scrapbook she is making for her sister's birthday next month. I think a couple more times of that and she will be well on her way to doing this stuff by herself. She and I spent about four hours at ReCollections on Saturday after bootcamp and breakfast at The Original Pancake House for their open house. We signed up for three classes so our month of November will be crammed full of creating. I'm still trying to figure out how that will work when there's bootcamp five days a week starting in November but I'm sure it'll get worked out. Priorities!

It rained a bit here this afternoon but the heat has not let up yet. I am so ready for crisp fall days with leaves falling from the trees crunching under my feet. Is there a groundhog in the fall because I am beginning to believe there is six more weeks of summer since fall began.

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