Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today marks the first homecoming game that Tanner will play of his high school career. We are all so psyched about this game. Trisha stopped by this morning before Tanner left for school to give him some goodies that she had made for him to celebrate Homecoming. She, Kirk and Torin are like our second family here and they are awesome. It's funny, she was telling me that the cheerleader in her is wanting to do something for Tanner that was special. I think she hit the jackpot! (Now for some silly reason she keeps telling me that she isn't creative - whatever!) She did such an awesome thing for Tanner and he loved the surprise. I think his only regret was that he couldn't take the cookies to school and munch on them all day since that might leave him with an unsettled belly and the potential for yakking on the field. He is also playing front line on the return today. He said that's where the big guys are supposed to be........hopefully he won't get creamed! Taryn is in her Lions spirit today, too. She wore her Lions shirt to school and is pumped for the game. She loves football and even wrote it on her school binder. When Eric and I saw that yesterday we got a good giggle out of it. She loves watching her brother play. She has already informed us that she will be out there playing Powder Puff when she gets the chance as a freshman.

Also, a big shout out to my little sister who turns 34 today. Happy Birthday little sis! I love you and am so happy I am blessed to be able to call you my sister. I couldn't ask for a better sister. You're the best!


Miah™ said...

I hope Tanner had a good game. Happy birthday Heather!!

donnaj said...

Hard to believe it's time for his first homecoming! have fun at the game!


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