Sunday, October 21, 2007


Trisha, Crystal and I were ready to go in style, complete with our snazzy Target straw hats to shade our eyes from the sun.

I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure yesterday morning. I have never done this run so after much prodding from Trisha I decided that I would go ahead and do it. I was unaware of how many people participate in this event. Over 25,000 participants which does not include all the wonderful volunteers and those who tagged along for the "cheering section". Amazing! With that many people participating you really don't run, you just walk and weave in and out of the crowd. I was awake at 5:40 Saturday morning (much too early for me since I am not a morning person). Trisha picked me up at 6:10 and we were on the road. The traffic at that time on a Saturday morning was much busier than it should be on a usual Saturday morning and Trisha made the comment that she was hoping it wasn't others making their way to our intendedn destination. Well, I think 99% of them were going to the same place we were. It was absolutely crazy. From here on out Trisha said we are definitely using the DART rail for transportation in the future. This was the first year she had driven and although it took us much longer to exit (more than 30 minutes sitting on Central Expressway waiting to enter the exit ramp was much more than we decided we wanted to partake in next year) we were able to get a parking spot without much trouble on the other side of the freeway from Northpark Center. It was an amazing experience and it totally renewed my excitement and enthusiasm for participating in the 3-Day in 2008 here in DFW. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that I participated in the 2002 3-Day event. Trisha's team "On the Move" which had 19 members had two survivors, a male and a female, and I felt so proud to be there walking alongside them.

Yesterday afternoon I got to hang out with my friend Michelle. We totally love getting coffee and chatting and then heading to downtown McKinney to see if we can find any treasures. My treasures are old photos and hers are unicorns. We saw neither. I hadn't seen Michelle since the Bridal Shower/wedding and she had some exciting news for me. She and her husband Joe are expecting a baby in April. I cannot tell you how excited I am for them. I nearly cried when I found out....I wish them all the joy a baby brings and many blessings for this wonderful new life they are going to add to their little family. They are two awesome people and I know they are just tickled to be expecting a little bundle of joy. CONGRATULATIONS! Your house will be growing by two feet and I can't wait to help spoil this new little one.

Today we went out and purchased a new vacuum. We had been needing a new vacuum for quite some time and could not really decide on which brand to buy. After Eric did some research we (mostly he) decided on a Dyson DC07.

We had gift cards which we had not yet used from the wedding and we also had cash that we had not done anything with so we headed over to Linen's and Things for our new little toy. I used a coupon. I am so glad there are coupons. I love the things! (I am a coupon whore and I save so much money using coupons. I love the extra money I have in the end because of this.) Eric had a great time putting his new little baby together and he even vacuumed the house. I am wondering, though, how long it will take before the excitement wears off and he hates vacuuming again? For the time being I will enjoy not having to ask him to vacuum the floors so I'll take whatever I can get! I am thankful he never gifts me appliances for all those special days throughout the year.

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donnaj said...

way to go on that walk! and i hear the dyson is a GREAT toy for the male species. my sis's kids and her nephew like them...but now sue has to buy diapers w/her gc's and not a dyson...


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