Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another week has flown by and here we are more than half way through the month of October. I cannot fathom the fact that Halloween is only 12 days away. Once Halloween is over Thanksgiving comes quickly followed by Christmas, obviously not at a snails pace by this time of year, and then the New Year is upon us. I am ever so surprised as each year passes at how quickly they fly by. When I was a little girl I cannot even tell you how I felt like the time just inched by and now it's like I am in a race to the bitter end always chasing my tail to keep up.

I did manage to make a pillow case for Tanner this past weekend. After I made the pillow case for Torin a few months back Tanner decided he wanted me to make one for him so we set off to the Quilt Asylum to choose some fabric. Obviously from the photo you can tell he decided on a Halloween theme. He loves it and now Taryn wants one and Eric wants his own special pillow case and well, I think it is safe to say I'll be making pillow cases for a while.

It is Thursday and that means it is game day once again. Homecoming was horrible for the team. They were shut out and I won't even reveal the score. Tonight we played Little Elm (what an amazing sports complex that little city has) and while we scored the first TD in the first couple of minutes they came back to beat us 14-7. Tanner played quite a bit and had some amazing tackles.

I launched my Southern Living at HOME business on Monday night and it turned out very well. I reached my first level and I am having a blast with this. I already have three parties booked in the next few weeks. I've been transcribing a lot as well lately so I haven't found time to head to my ART room but I have been helping Trisha with her scrapbook for her sister's birthday. We have signed up for some classes at ReCollections, just for fun, and we found out today that they are closing shop. I have to tell you that I really truly felt like my best friend had just left me. My stomach felt all knotted up and I was just down all day. I still can hardly believe that they are going to do this to all of us who support this place and call it our second home but what's a girl to do? I guess we'll get what we can out of it for the next few months and then wish them farewell. They have some of the funnest ideas and great products I have seen out there. I guess I'll be hitting and it will feel like Christmas every few weeks. That is a definite bah humbug even before the Christmas season arrives.

I just booked a trip to see my sister and her family for my nieces 1st birthday. I had a bugger of a time trying to figure out when and how I was going to go with everything on my calendar already for November but I managed to squeeze some time to go and celebrate. I always love visiting my sister and it is so fun to be with my String Bean and my Jelly Bean. Hold on girls........Auntie is coming very soon so we can play Webkinz. It's niece will call me up and ask me when I am coming to visit and when I ask her what she wants to do that's all she talks about. I haven't even checked out the site that both of my kids play on. Taryn has four Webkinz and Tanner has one. This should be interesting. Maybe I should take some lessons from them before I actually head out so I don't know less than Hannah does. Add that one more thing to my to-do of these days that list is going to tip the scales.

Saturday morning I am running the Komen Race for the Cure. I was supposed to have been signed up under Trisha's team but somehow that didn't happen but I am a part of team "On the Move" and we are so excited! Next year we are going to do the 3-Day. This will be my second time and I am pumped about this. It is an absolutely amazing experience and I would highly suggest it to anyone who is up for adventure. It's 20 miles a day for three days straight. It takes a lot of dedication and determination but it is so worth it. The training is quite time consuming but what a great cause and what an experience! I will have to start campaining to raise my money for this walk soon. Just add it to my list...........

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