Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Oh my's now 40 degrees outside with a wind chill of 32 degrees. It is now officially time to bring out the Nick & Nora flannels. Hard to believe it was 84 degrees yesterday, in the mid 60's when I got out of bed this morning and now freezing outside. From the time I got out of bed the temperature continued to drop and never actually rose. The forecast was that the temp wouldn't drop until this afternoon but the front arrived around 9:30 a.m. this morning along with just a few drops of rain. I was really hoping for a good soaking since my foundation needs to be watered but that never actually happened. I think it is supposed to rain at some point tomorrow so I will wait and see if that happens and if not I'll water it on Friday since we will be spending Thanksgiving in Rockwall with some of Eric's friends. Bring on the deep fried turkey!

Hey Donna, I've got the 'A Christmas Story' ornament, which includes the leg lamp and is also an ornament, AND it even plays several clips from the movie including 'fra-gee-lay'! Needless to say when I found this at Kohl's a couple months ago I knew it was made just for me and would adorn my tree this year as my prized ornament find. I love it and I love the hunt that takes place every year as each one of us searches for our most favorite must-have ornament which we add to our tree. What a tradition! The kids will be able to decorate an entire tree with the ornaments they have acquired each year throughout their childhood.

This morning we headed to downtown McKinney to see the Festival of Trees. This is their second year and the proceeds supports Project Graduation. You can see photos here of this year and last year's event. After we voted for our favorites we purchased tickets to see 'A Christmas Carol' Friday evening during Dickens of a Christmas in downtown McKinney. This is an annual event and has everything from Victorian carolers, carriage rides and lots of family fun plus a tree lighting ceremony on Friday evening complete with snow falling on downtown McKinney each night throughout the event. The weather will be chilly and I am hoping that it will somehow feel a little bit like home when we are there celebrating the Christmas holiday. We've been downtown several times this week already lunching at The Pantry and the square is so festive and beautifully decorated. I just love living here. I'll try to get some photos on Friday and post them. I mentioned that to Eric this morning as we walked up to the square and all the windows had wreaths hanging from them and it just looked beautiful along with all the decorations along the sidewalks and stores. It is absolutely festive!

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Miah™ said...

I was going to give you grief about saying it was to cold, but I do have to agree with you. That is a pretty huge temp change. Hope you all stay warm at during your outing. :O)


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