Friday, November 30, 2007

Bootcamp, kickboxing and Campisi's and a newly applied radiant barrier with added insulation in the attic~

Okay, makes no sense to you but that's what I was going to title my blog on Monday night but when I finally got home from bootcamp, which was a kickboxing class, and then stopping off for take out of Campisi's pizza to eat in the truck on the way home from bootcamp with Trisha (what a tradition we have going) it was so late and I was so tired that I couldn't actually bring myself to sit down and do a post and decided I would do it Tuesday morning. Obviously from the date of this post you can see that Tuesday came and went, as did Wednesday and also Thursday. With bootcamp 4 nights a week and Saturday mornings, trying to make time for the little things is much harder when my evenings are spent entirely dedicated to getting my butt kicked. Anyway, when I got home Wednesday night I thought I would actually make the time to post some photos from Dickens of a Christmas and just pop in to say 'hi'. Well, I wasn't prepared for what happened and subsequently I wasn't able to post Wednesday night since my fingers were unable to function properly. I figured that kickboxing class kicked my butt bad enough that my hands were taking a bit of a vacation since I had used them in a way they had forgotten - holding/punching hand targets - and the muscles I hadn't used in such a long time were just retaliating since I demand so much of them for my day job. Imagine my surprise when I woke up Thursday morning and they still didn't work. My pinky finger really had a mind all its own and when I realized I could not even push the soap dispenser down with the same hand I was planning to squeeze the soap into, I realized that I was either odd man out, had hurt myself and should maybe make a trip to my doctor to see if I had injured something or that maybe I just had not yet heard any of the other stories that were (I hoped) floating around among the other 'campers' about how their body was responding to the handicapping workout we had just lived through the night before. So shortly after I had e-mailed Trisha explaining how I was now retarded, she forwarded me several e-mails from others who were suffering just as much as I was. Ah, yes, there were others out there that were as handicapped as I was and I must tell you how much better I felt because I truly was starting to worry that something bad had happened to me and that my $20,000 hands would not be typing at their typical 100+ wpm and bringing home the only paycheck at the present time. As you can see, today is Friday and I can use my hands but I still have several retarded fingers and hope that by Monday I will have regained full use of my hands just in time for more self-inflicted torture.

Last Friday we braved the cold for Dickens of a Christmas, the play A Christmas Carol and the lighting of the tree in downtown McKinney. We had a pretty bone tingling cold front come through and it truly did feel like Christmas, down to the snow that fell on downtown McKinney after the lighting. Below are several photos that I took of window displays I just fell in love with.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon cleaning out the attic so that we could have a radiant barrier and more insulation installed in our attic with the result hopefully being a more energy efficient home. We've been paying way more for the electric bill than I want to even think about (I am sure most people are) and we decided it was time to do something about all the money that was flying out the window. After talking with my good friend and her husband who had this installed a year ago and the difference it made in their home, we decided we would take the reference and do it too! Efficient Attic in conjunction with Home Depot made this all possible and we will get a $500 credit on our taxes this year! Woohoo! I also made a trip to Goodwill and decreased the attic contents and we put everything back this afternoon plus our house has been noticeably warmer today without the heat on. Can't ask for more than that! I feel warm fuzzies already.

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Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures-Traci
Let's get together soon for some holiday cheer and unicorns!


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