Friday, November 16, 2007

Fly Away Home.......

It's here, that dreadful time when a wonderful trip must come to an end which only means one thing ~ it's time for me to pack it up and head home to my kiddos and new hubby. Why is it that vacations seems to go so very fast while the anticipation leading up to to the vacation seems to take an eternity? If only the experience could last as long as we feel it takes when we first are aware we are traveling to the time we actually leave. Maybe it's just that I don't travel much. Maybe it is because anywhere I go I 'want' to go there. Maybe it is because I have only traveled once for business. I guess I may never know the answer to that question.

Speaking of being away from home sans kids and hubby, I am so thankful for Eric. He is so great when I am away and he always takes such great care of the kids. Most of you know that this is something I am definitely not used to. I do know that when I get home we'll be decorating for the Holidays and to make things even better my house is clean thanks to my darling hubby and kiddos I am very excited about that.

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