Friday, November 09, 2007

Santa is on his way......Today Eric and I did something we seldom do (since the work-a-holic in me never takes time out for anything), we went and saw a movie. Today was the release of Fred Claus. After taking Jack to the chiropractor to be bent back into his usual self, we headed for the first matinée of the day, and obviously the cheapest. We bought our popcorn and soda (a splurge for me) and settled in for the duration. The website Rotten Tomatoes gave it a terrible review (glad I didn't look there before we went) but it was a really good movie. It had me laughing and crying, being the sap that I am, and I just felt like it was a really fun movie and boy was I desperately needing something like that right now. It had lots of great music, though the soundtrack doesn't include a lot of it. (I checked, I wanted it.) Knowing that Christmas is right around the corner, this movie really helped spark my excitement for the upcoming Holiday. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas. I love everything about it ~ I love all the music, the twinkling/sparkly decorations, the goodies and the family time (which to me means my kids and my husband and no one else because it is rare that we are with family during the Holidays) but I especially love the gifts. (Is there anything else? Yes, I know there is but I love gifts as much as the next person.) I love to watch the kids' eyes light up when they unwrap something they have so desperately wanted for such a long time and have been waiting so patiently for it. And me, well, I love receiving gifts probably just as much as the kids love opening theirs - so yes, I am a big kid at heart but don't tell anyone!

I need to start making my list.........maybe I'll make two, my 'thankful' list and my 'wish' list. It never hurts to dream.

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Miah™ said...

I am super excited for christmas this year. Our house is big enough for a christmas tree and I have bushes to put lights on. Weee!

I love christmas too and I have all ready roamed the christmas isle a hundred times. I so want to buy some decorations, but I keep telling myself that thanksgiving comes first.


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