Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Comforts of Chaos...

The week started and hasn't showed any signs of slowing. I had great plans for a quiet and peaceful Monday, just a little bit of a teaser for what was to come now that things are ebbing and flowing quite naturally. At least that is how I feel it is in my little world. Instead of a quiet, lazy Monday with my normal work load and the peace of the new year, Eric's new job and the kids back to school Taryn was suffering from some major neck pain so I sent her off to school, got showered and set out to pick her up from to school to go see the best chiropractor I know, Mike Wojnicki. Turns out she is most likely suffering from acute torticolis and there isn't a whole lot we can do about it except for moist heat and patience so after lunch at home and some time on the heating pad I had her back to school by 11 a.m. and returned home to work until around 4:45. So much for the perfect day! (Well...I guess that depends on what my definition of 'perfect' is and maybe this is a perfect day for me.)

I've been busy working on the Page in a Bag for Scrappin' Bunnies monthly contest while work has been slow this week - hooray for me - and I've also been working through all the photos so that I can gather what I need for the Donna Downey classes I am taking at Gotta Scrap! in Rockwall this weekend, which has been a bit stressful but I am getting in under control. Tomorrow I will be packing my MM Runway Tote in preparation for the big weekend! My fear is that there will be so much work on the system tomorrow that I will be swamped and scrambling around trying to get everything done. The one benefit I have is that I do not have to cook dinner tomorrow night. We're heading over to Campisi's for Torin's 2nd birthday and a little yummy pizza and sadly Eric will be in meetings until late so he will be unable to join us.

Well, I think I'll head off to bed. I just realized that I cannot upload all the photos to Target because the store is closed so hopefully nothing will trip the power tonight and I'll be able to upload them first thing in the morning and continue on with my photo frenzy! Nighty-night.

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