Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm back and I'm here to fill you in on all the goodness that has been happening.

The weekend of the 11th-12th I spent with the fabulous Donna Downey. This woman is amazing and terribly gracious. Gotta Scrap! in Rockwall, Texas hosted a weekend of classes with the fabo Ms. Donna and you can bet I was there with my bells on. The classes were so much fun and she is so full of craziness and fun that you just can't help but love her. I spent most of Friday taking two classes and then I returned Saturday after Torin's 2nd birthday party (which was a hit with the kiddos and the decorations and everything were absolutely perfect!) and my official job as photographer. On Friday night I got home around 12:45 and I could not get to sleep. It was nearly 3:30 a.m. before I could close my eyes and finally rest. My mind was twirling with ideas and oodles and oodles of goodness because of all the fun I had. Saturday wasn't quite as long of a day but after a short night of sleep and an early morning rising for the party I was really ready to hit the sack early Saturday night. I spent Sunday catching up on my all important ZZZZZ's.

If you've been keeping up on my blog you will remember me commenting on the certain chaos that has filled my life that I was so absolutely sure would subside after the new year with the kids returning to school and Eric off to work at his new job. Well, things have continued to be just as crazy as they were prior to 2008 and I am convinced it won't kill me! At least not yet! Anyway, if it hasn't been the kids being sick, of course they took turns {how sweet of them} it's been a million other things. Bootcamp started up last week and despite the chilly conditions I am so happy about it. I invested in the horribly expensive Under Armour and that has been a total blessing. I can actually tell you that even though it's 30 degrees I'm still sweating and able to stay warm. I won't tell you that I don't dread going out in this weather (which I am doing again tonight and for the record, it will be the coldest it's been) for bootcamp but the benefits far outweigh the dread and since we're back down to 3 days a week it's at least mostly tolerable. And hey, who can give up hanging out with my girl, Trisha!!! Now, if my sister would just get her booty down here by mid March so she can start the morning bootcamp. Ahem!

I had my first meeting for the Designing Diva's over at Scrappin' Bunnies. I am happy to say that it is an indefinite term and that the only way I will not be on the team is if I decide I don't want to do it at some point. Well now, that probably won't happen unless some major changes in my life occur and there isn't a thing I can do about it. I know I'll have lots of fun with this and am still very excited about this opportunity.

Um.....well, I made my last trip (at least I think it was my last trip) to ReCollections last week. I promised the husband-person that I wouldn't go anymore because I couldn't possibly need anything more since you can't even walk into my art room now. But of course, I am a woman and that could change at any given time depending on who is twisting my arm. No, really, I can honestly say I don't really have any desire to go back. In fact, I was telling Trisha last week that I wish they would just hurry up and close the store already.

This past Saturday I had Southern Living at Home Kickoff and had Lady Luck was on my side. I was the lucky winner of the Gallery Collection Pacific Lidded Bowl and the Tribeca tumblers, two things that I wanted! Woohoo - how that happened I will never know but I am not questioning a good thing!

I'm still having fun playing stay-at-home mom, wifey-poo, chauffer, maid, cook, laundress, employee, etc. Eric has been enjoying coming home to dinner that is ready and being done early enough where he feels he still has a bit of the evening left to relax. I have morphed into that which I was previously before I was so wrongly screwed over by the ex. Which reminds me - last Thursday was the 5 year anniversary of the day I filed for my divorce. I happened to file on my grandmothers birthday but I know that she doesn't take offense to me sharing in that special day! Ahhh....who would've thunk it to be only 5 years and my life is getting back to a bit of normalcy? I sat back and thought a bit about what the last 5 years have brought to my life and how my life and my kids' lives have changed and how much better I feel our lives are today. I can tell you that regardless of ALL that happened, I would never change a thing leading up to it. I cannot imagine, ever, not having the kids that I have today because I truly believe that somewhere along the line I was blessed with two of the best kids ever due to the situation I was going to be in (I truly believe God knew and chose those two for me although Taryn will tell you she very clearly chose me when God gave her the choice of who she wanted as a mommy) and the situation they were forced to go through was not something that was easy. Heck, it wasn't easy for me and was truly the hardest, most grueling thing I have ever done and I know in my heart they understand why it had to be the way it was. They have adapted very well and are absolute angels in my life and I owe it all to the man upstairs. Now when I look back I realize I would not have gotten where I am today had I not had my so much of my dad in me. I did all of this on my own with no family around and very little help from any of them except the phone calls that I made to them when I had to vent. I cannot tell you how many tears I cried, how scared I was, how alone I felt. I knew that I was all my kids had and that I wouldn't let them down. I had friends who did things for me that I couldn't even believe. I found a guy who stepped up and helped me take care of my kids, even though they weren't his, and he never once complained about it. He just did it. Thank you, baby! Now I am married to that guy and we are one happy family. Some days it is still hard for me, not understanding what happened and why but I know that I am better off and so are my kids. What I realized as I sat back and examined the last 5 years is that it does get better and it is better than it has ever been! To the rest of our lives.............carpe diem!


Shell said...

You go girl!
You deserve the best you sweet pink princess!

Miah™ said...

Isn't amazing what a change only 5 years can bring? I am glad that you and the kids are happy! I remember that time. I was lucky enough to meet your two great kids. I feel in love with them. Thank you for that.


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