Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's been a while
since I could hold my head up high.....[Staind]

No, really, that just came out, sorry...I've got Staind on the mind. I really love that band. In fact, my iPod is plugged into my ears and I'm listening to another song by Staind since I was unable to go out and run today because of the horrible wind. Not something I wanted to challenge and I was aching to listen to some tunes. Anyway, it's truly 'been a while' since I feel I've sat down and posted but I guess it's only been a week, though compared to how much I was posting previously it is a long time. I promise I will try to be better and also bring you more photos of my artwork that I am currently working on or have completed and photos of other happenings.

It is hard to believe but today is my baby's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Punkin' Head!

She is 12 today.
She is beautiful inside and out.
She is mine for just a while, given to me by God in Heaven to watch over her and guide her to the best of my ability for such a short time.
She is funny.
She is kind.
She is caring.
She is sensitive.
She is athletic.
She is courageous.
She is smart.
She is artistic.

She is my ~Angelface~

I must tell you how blessed a soul I feel I am with these kids of mine. Geesh....I am the luckiest mom in the world.

Tonight we are going to Mama Emilia's for dinner to celebrate. Mama Emilia's is downtown McKinney right off the historic square and is an amazing Italian restaurant. In fact, it's Taryn's favorite place to eat. Her favorite is their fettuccine alfredo.

It has been a terribly windy day here and I was lucky enough to have to venture to the roof this afternoon to repair a few shingles before they blew off and I had to replace them. I was truly lucky I wasn't blown off myself with the report being 59 mph wind gusts. Our neighborhood looks like it did this past spring when the big wind blew through and we had to replace shingles and fence. It wasn't quite as bad today as it was last spring and it didn't seem to last as long either, with the wind dying down before 4 p.m. There are still reports of power outages and North Texas is again burning. Not sure what happened to all of our rain we had received but it is pretty dry around here.


Shell said...

Happy Birthday Taryn! Hope your day was filled with unicorns and rainbows and amber colored jewels! You are a great kid!

Miah™ said...

Happy belated Birthday Taryn! I hope your birthday was a great one!

donnaj said...

hard to believe she is 12 already!


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