Monday, February 25, 2008

It was a busy week....

I am now officially signed up to do the Dallas/Ft. Worth 3-Day which is going to be held the first weekend in November. I've completed my personal page and need to begin the fund raising process. I am required to raise $2200 and will be sending out e-mails, letters and even visiting those whom I prefer to be face-to-face with. While the training portion of this process is still a few months away I need to be on top of my game to be able to raise all this money. As I learned in 2002 when participating in this event, raising this kind of money was not easy for me but I am hopeful that the response will be much better this time around.

Eric and I have been shopping for a new kitchen table and a new mattress over the past week. We finally found a table we liked and are happy that it will be 'ours'. This makes the final replacement item from my prior life. Woohoo! I took the kids by Stacy Furniture tonight to show them and they were so funny - they actually walked over to the table and said "we like this one." Imagine how happy they were when they found out that was the table we had chosen. We had also been in search of a different mattress. Eric purchased a mattress when he moved in way back in the day (okay, I just had to say that!) in 2004 but we just don't find it giving us a good nights' sleep. Eric has been researching and reading (just like he does prior to any purchase we make) and he had read and heard such great things about the TempurPedic that we ended up getting one. He chose the Celebrity. We even picked out a new bed frame. Check it out:

Yeah, that's what I thought - it's definitely a frame alright. It is made by Stanley Beds and is absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited that this bed will be with us for a very long time. As they say, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, it had better be a good one. When I retire for the night on March 8th, I am hoping I will feel the benefits of a good nights' sleep on a superior mattress on the morning of the 9th. I also will probably wake up trying to figure out where in the heck I am since I won't recognize the bed, or the room for that matter, since I am now in full-blown redecorating mode! I have to decide on paint and I even get to purchase new bedding! I have been perusing Brocade Home. Their stuff is absolutely gorgeous and since I finally get to bring some femininity back to my bedroom, I'm all over this site. I have to admit, I feel pretty lucky that Eric seems to like a lot of what he sees on here as well. The next two weeks will be busy but I'm excited!

Oh, update on the washer. I got call late this afternoon from the washing machine fix-it people - the parts are in for the washer so I will have my washer back in working order by late tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness! Having to run all the way across town for the past week and a half has not been a lot of fun and I still have a ton of laundry to finish from the day it broke!

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love the bed~


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