Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It's been a while, lots has been going on here and I've been struggling, as usual, to find the time to sit down and update the blog and add photos to share our lives with you.

The last time I posted was on the birthday of my littlest one. We had a super time at dinner and as usual the food was excellent. We love Mama Emilia's - YUM-O! (I can't wait until it's my birthday and I get my meal at Mama Emilia's!) Taryn was surprised, as were we, with the bread pudding smothered in yummy sauce delivered to our table after our meal. Atop the hugemongo square of bread pudding sat a lit candle. She got to make her wish and blow it out and we all shared heaven for a moment. She had a fabulous birthday, which she strung out for possibly a week. She sometimes forgets that the only princess in this house is her mommy! Oh well, she deserved it.

Since the big birthday bash I'm trying to even remember now all the crazy stuff that has been going on here and at this moment I cannot even dig up more than what has happened in the past week or so. I'd like to say it is because I have slept, which I have to some extent, but I think it's just that we are so busy recently that I cannot begin to even sort through all of it in my head and put it down. In the past three weeks or so I've been busy running with the kids a lot so after school is a prime busy time for me made worse on nights of bootcamp when I'm struggling to get dinner ready before I leave for class. I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with my bumpy friend Michelle (she is pregnant hence the bump) and craft a while one afternoon. That was a much needed break and an afternoon of fun. We made little treasure boxes and they were absolutely delightful after we completed them. I've had lunch with my girlfriend Kob and finally got to catch up since it has been so long since she and I have got a chance to catch up. I've been going to bootcamp three times a week with Trisha like good little girls do. We had a girls night and went to Anthropologie for a Valentine's workshop.
It was just Taryn, Trisha and I and we headed to NorthPark Mall for the gala. I had never been to an Anthropologie store before but absolutely fell in love with it. I was ready to move in. We headed over to Urban Outfitters so I could purchase my groovy yellow fisheye camera and then headed home. We were sent home with some fun gifts like Basic Grey paper and great project ideas by ReadyMade magazine.

Taryn and Trisha both won $20 gift certificates and Trisha and I both won little gifts as well. Talk about our luck lately - I hope it lasts! Maybe this is a sign I need to play the lottery but without playing you cannot win, right? The spread was yummy. I didn't score my little blue box but stay tuned - my birthday is right around the corner!

I've been trying to create more and have been better about getting into my ART room. I am in the process of designing my February page for the Scrappin' Bunnies store. We Diva's had our monthly meeting yesterday and we voted on layouts designed for the monthly Page in a Bag contest. No winner yet as there were several votes we were waiting on. We also spoke about teaching and new products and various other fun things related to one of my favorite things on earth - paper! I again was quite proud of my layout. I think it has been my favorite so far.

I also did a swap for my monthly Rubberband meeting at the end of January and was quite pleased with the outcome.

This past weekend we got our taxes done so that process is complete for the year and is a relief as well.

Also this past weekend, right before my friend Kelly came over to do taxes with us our less than a year old washer decided to take a crap. Unfortunately I've got Mount Everest in my hallway and it is growing by the hour and they can't come to fix my washer until Thursday. I always thought that laundry multiplied like rabbits but I'd never seen it but let me tell you, you don't want to see that! I've had to take laundry over to Trisha's to wash so that the kids have clothes. This has definitely thrown a wrench into my week. I did decide that it could have been much worse, even though there was water pouring out the back of my washer and seeping under the frame of the house into the garage.

Such is life.................

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