Thursday, March 20, 2008

Post #70

Wow, it's only taken me a year and a half, or more, to get to 70 posts. I cannot even remember when my first post was but I think it is pretty close to 18 months ago.

Let's see, since I last posted we had yet another "snow event" several days after the first one. Yeah, that's what they call them here in Texas - snow events. How stupid. Why can't they just say, "hey people, it's snowing!" So inquiring minds want to know - does that mean when there is fog it is a "fog event" or when there is hail it is a "hail event?"

The flakes during this "snow event" were humongo! They actually hurt when they hit your face. It was absolutely awesome! The kids and I went out and built a 6'3" snowman but the next day he face planted. The snow was perfect for snowballs and snowmen. A bit too wet to lay down and make snow angels like I really wanted to do.
The kids and I had a snowball fight after we finished building our big snowman and I think I was the only one who suffered from an attack. If I just hadn't been bending over to pick up enough snow to make a snowball I would not have suffered a snowball slip down the back of the pants. That was a cold one! Our snowman was the biggest snowman in the neighborhood.

Since Mr. Tall face planted, Taryn decided to build a snow kitty. I think this is the cutest snow kitty I have ever seen. The kids were very happy that they got two days in one week with a late start but do not have to make up any snow days! They really lucked out.

The weekend after the snow we finally got our new bed and our new kitchen table delivered. The hours I put in to get the house ready were countless but it was so worth it when everything was in its place. We love the table - it totally fits our lifestyle and actually allows us more space in the kitchen which is really helpful to me.

If you look closely you can see that the cabinets were stained though the closer I look it honestly looks like they are just really dirty. Trust me, they look awesome! I redecorated the tops of the cabinets and feel it really looks much better than it did. It was really time for a makeover in here. I realize now after looking at the photo that the cabinet top is really, really cluttered but I cannot seem to find enough space to put everything, especially since I've got several large, prized Kitchen-Aid appliances that require lots of space for storage. I've cleaned things out over the past few months but I still have plenty of things still looking for a home and causing chaos to my clutter-free craving mind.
This is our fabulous bed and it is so cool. I cannot tell you how much I love this bed. The bedroom looks completely different and has such a different feel plus it smells like leather. For the first week or so the entire house was permeated with the smell of leather. You could smell it the second you walked through the door. It was crazy. I really love the smell of leather so I didn't mind a bit.

Then it was my birthday. As you can see by the photo above, I scored not one but two little blue boxes. What a good girl I must have been this year. My birthday was quite wonderful. I spent the day with my closest and dearest friend, Kobi. She treated me to lunch at CPK and then Starbucks as we ended our day shopping. That evening I got to have dinner at my favorite place, Mama Emelia's with my extended adopted family. How wonderful. It was a day definitely meant for a Princess!
I also received flowers from Eric and the kiddos. They are absolutely gorgeous and smell so wonderful! I love Stargazer Lilies.
This is the March page I did for Scrappin' Bunnies. Now it's on to April. I forgot to take a photo of my Page in a Bag for this month so I will post it when I get it back next month. That page turned out really awesome. Those two pages are the only two products of time spent in my art room. I'm trying to hard to find time but I'm still struggling.

This week is spring break for the kids. I decided to take the week off to spend time with the kids and to just be able to relax. I was supposed to be spending time in the art room but the only art I have accomplished is playing with my new Cricut Design Studio. I really was needing a break from it all after all the painting and preparing I did for two weeks prior to the arrival of the new furniture. I didn't breathe the entire time I was getting everything ready. My shoulder was screaming at me so I've gotten treated several times by Dr. Wojnicki and have basically stayed away from lots of typing. I am feeling much better and it seems that we may have found the problem so hopefully I'll be back to good function when bootcamp starts up again. It's so nice to be adjusted and honestly, when your body is in full alignment you feel better and your body functions normally as it should. It just doesn't get any better than that!

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Shell said...

Happy Birthday Designing Diva! I have been so busy with my new baby unicorn I missed it! Let's celebrate soon-can't wait to see what was in those magical blue boxes.....


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