Monday, April 28, 2008

I heard it through the grapevine.......

....that if people want to know what is going on in my life I needed to update my blog.

Right now things are so loud and crazy in our house.......and I'm loving it! My sister and her family are here visiting. I'm busy with the usual things and I'm cooking but unfortunately it seems I am burning everything I touch - which is not the norm for me and it is making me crazy! Too many distractions, I guess.

I love it when they are here. The house is so alive with little ones under foot; the chatter of one just learning to talk and the other a big girl who lives by "I can do it". This is the stage when you are just not quite big enough to reach the faucet at the kitchen/bathroom sink or the light switch in the bathroom. I miss those days. Looking at my kids and realizing how quickly they have grown is insane when I think about it. When my nieces are here, or even when Torin is here, I am taken back to a time in my life that seems so distant yet it is as if it was only yesterday, and I get a certain pang in my heart (you all know what I mean) and occasionally tears come to my eyes as I realize my season with little ones is over and we are onto a another season. A season consumed with teenagers and comes loaded with all the difficulties of dealing with growing up and going through what none of us would ever want to go through again. Life is funny in that it has a way of making sure you never forget certain things.

I'm still here but for now I am enjoying the company and cherishing every second I have with my sister. The visit will be all too short, as it always is, but I am desperately hoping that this trip will lead to forever.................or at least a very long time.

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Miah™ said...

Hope you are all having a super time!


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