Friday, May 02, 2008

It's been a busy day. Kind of like one of those days where you are batting 1000. The roofers finally finished the roof this morning. Thank goodness - I was about to go postal on them. They arrived at 8:30 Thursday morning and did not leave until 9:00 last night. Talk about noisy! Good thing they only had to finish up the roof over the garage this morning otherwise I would not have been able to work with all the banging going on.

My sister and her family returned home yesterday. Very sad...I had to leave the airport before I started to cry. I miss my sister so much. It's just so nice when she is around. My life seems a bit more exciting and more complete when we are together. And boy do we laugh a lot.

Guardian came to fix the table - quick, easy and painless although a bit smelly. Might have to do what he suggested and purchase a big piece of glass to go over the table to save it from damage. Must check into that.

The roofing company came by to pick up their first insurance check. There should be another in the mail after they filed for depreciation. At that point our condenser will be fixed since it suffered hail damage as well.

The neighbors to the west of us finally stained their fence last night. A bit smelly as well but that was last night and I am just very happy that they finally took care of that issue. Don't need a huge fence replacement bill, especially when we are diligent about taking care of it on our side.

It's Friday and the kids are home, the house is clean and I am going to relax and do whatever my heart desires all weekend.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my working from home. What a wonderful reason to go out and celebrate. Now, just to decide what we should do.

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