Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random This and That Blathering

Couldn't tell you what I've been doing
and certainly couldn't tell you when.
I am truly in awe it is nearly the middle of July which means the Holiday season is right around the corner. (I've got Christmas on the brain again- I've been burning my mulled wine candle from Illuminations.)
It also means hello cool weather and goodbye hotter than "you know where" weather. I'm thinking of relocating to Alaska, or maybe the North Pole. Seriously, I've had about all of the heat I can handle for one year and I'm headed to Phoenix in about six weeks for even more. I'm definitely not looking forward to my electric bill this month.

The kids are halfway through their summer break.
I'm halfway to the nuthouse.
I'm convinced that extra-curricular activities for children
conveniently become extra-curricular chauffeuring activities for the parents
meaning we are ball-and-chained to it just like they are.

The gas prices are not helping anything right now
and is only making everything worse for everyone.

A year ago it was only $300 to fly home.
It nearly $700 to fly home now. How are we supposed to spend time with family if no one can afford to fly due to the high price of gasoline which rolls down hill to increase in the airline ticket. You know what they say about sh*t rolling down hill. Let's not forget how you are now charged for every little extra when you fly - a family spend nearly as much in "flying" their luggage to and from their destination as the fare of one of their tickets. There is so something wrong with that.

And then there's the cost of food. Don't even get me started. What is all this and the minimum wage still stands at $5.75 an hour, going up to $6.55 an hour on July 24th of this year and up to $7.25 an hour on July 24th of 2009. Like that really helps at all.

No, it's not a gripe session, just randomness that I've been really thinking a lot about lately.

On a brighter note, I've done a little playing recently. I made a birdcage and completed it with an egg to sit atop and adorn my creation at May's Rubberbander meeting. Amazingly enough this has to be the first time in the history of my belonging to the group (15 years in a couples of months) that I have actually finished a project before leaving the meeting. Did you feel the ground move?

Hmmm...15 years. That means I have been considered a Texas transplant now for 17 years as of last month. Now that is scary!

Below is my latest creation for the store. I had so much fun playing with Jenni Bowlin's product. It just makes me happy! I have had a tendency lately to turn towards her line more than any other lately. It just feel so elegant and very "vintagey" which I love.

I am very excited to see the new product Heidi Swapp is putting out at CHA later this week. She has got a new line of papers that I am desperately wanting to get my hands on. I just fell in love with it. It is called Dream Dining Room and you can view it here. It so speaks to me! I'm anxious to see what else is going to be released. I only wish I could be there viewing all the great new product for the first time in person. I've attended CHA once when they were here in Dallas back in the 90s and it was so amazing. You cannot even imagine. It is just........huge. The biggest downfall is that it seems to take SO long for it to hit store shelves.

I did finish two namesake bracelets that I have needed to make for nearly four years. Yes, I did say 4 years. Life just got in the way with everything that was going on and I was also in search of a specific bead though the reasoning lies more on the side of the state of my life at the time, the only one I was waiting to find so I could make the bracelets, but I was never able to locate them so I built the bracelets without those specific beads and I think they turned out fine without them. I was very impressed with my finished product. It was totally professional! I wish I had taken a photo of them but alas, I never thought about it. My sister received hers (she actually added to her family while waiting for me to make hers so I had to find the alphabet blocks for the baby to add another strand to the design and I found them while in Asheville, NC when I was there in April). I sent Amy her bracelet but haven't heard yet if she received it. I'm anxious to see if she even remembers it.

The kids are keeping us entertained and in stitches. They've hit an age where they seem to pick on one another, not necessarily fight with one another as much although Taryn still seems to think that Tanner doesn't care about her. I keep telling her to trust me on this one, he'd be incredibly lost without her. I'm looking forward to how their relationship develops in the years to come. I know without my sister my world would definitely be much less meaningful.

Another busy week ahead.........time for bed.

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