Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hellllooooo there........

Summer is here and so is the heat. We've had a bit of a reprieve the past couple days (or so I try to convince myself that is actually the case) and it hasn't been insanely hot. The evenings have been more enjoyable and my runs have been a bit easier without the humidity. It doesn't seem to drag me down as much. Eric got a new bike so he has started biking with me, which is very cool, though I wish he was at a place where he could bike as far and as long as I would really like to. Hopefully he'll be at that point soon. Now...if I could just get him to go running with me.

We are also in full swing of football strengthening/conditioning camp. I feel like all I do is run back and forth to the stupid stadium. We're only in the second week of camp but by next Wednesday we will officially be at the halfway point and we will then be on the downhill slide for camp coming to an end which means we'll only be one month from school being back in session. (can you see me jumping up and down?) I find it so sad that things aren't the way they were "back in the day" for kids nowadays and that the ease of going out to play isn't something they can experience quite as freely as we could when my sister and I were growing up. That and the simple fact that all of our neighbors , i.e. the kids' friends, have moved away.

It is only 71 days until Creative Escape 2008. This means only 69 days until I leave (ooh, my favorite number, the year I was born, the number of my dad's race car and my sons favorite number, too!) and 75 days until we leave for Jamaica! I know it seems like it is a bit down the road but I also know that it will be here before I know it and I need to start making plans now since I'll need to have everything ready for both trips before I leave for Phoenix.

Hmmmm....that means when football camp is over it'll only be roughly 5 1/2 weeks until I leave for Phoenix. Now that truly puts things into perspective. I'd better get a move on! After I return from all that hullabaloo it'll be full on training for the DFW 3-day Breast Cancer Walk. Please go here to give to this wonderful organization and help eradicate breast cancer while supporting me as I again participate in the walk to raise awareness.

And before I forget since I actually technically did not forget even though I did not call - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dad and Judy! I honestly remembered but it was early when I was busy delivering a certain someone to camp and knew I needed to call later on when it wasn't so early but I got wrapped up in work and running errands and cooking dinner and all that stuff. Egh - so does that mean I get written up as forgetting?

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