Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello August

August has come in not like a lion or a lamb but just as July went out ~ hot, humid and miserable. How about this, Summer, you can take your 100+ degree days and your humidity that raises the heat index to well over 112 and screws with the hair and usher in the cool, crisp, sweater-wearing, leaf-falling weather. I've had enough of you and your ability to make me cringe when I open my electric bill. So there!

And my revenge is burning the candles that remind me so much of the cool Fall air and the impending Holiday season because sometimes our minds play tricks on us and I'm hoping this is the case! Hmmmph!

I have gotten kind of spoiled with photos on blog posts and decided it definitely looks much too bland if there is not at least one photo to pretty up the entry. I added several photos of a project I did at a class Tim Holtz taught at Stamp Asylum three to four years ago. He is again teaching it as he traverses the country. It is aptly named "Elements of the Creative Mind." There are many references, known only to me, in this project that are pertinent to the time in my life when it was created. So glad that is in the past.

It is once again time to put up the fight to keep my place on the Design Team for Scrappin' Bunnies. The Page in a Bag contest, which happens the first Saturday of the month when you pick up a 'bag' from the store with preselected product that must all be used on a layout which is then returned to the store where it is judged by the Design Team. When the time comes for rotation, outside influences such as other Design Teams and other store owners help decide the fate of those participating so there is no backlash on the current DT members. This month I'm not sure what the heck to do with it all, especially since I don't have a dog, but I know my creative mind will be in overdrive in the 'fight or be booted mode.' I think I scrapbooked all of the photos of Champion quite a few years ago but maybe I can locate one or heck, maybe I'll use one of those really awful senior photos I had taken with her. Like I really want anyone to see THOSE photos.

Paper Source opened a store here at NorthPark several weeks ago. Today was the Grand Opening so I finally talked myself into going. Actually I had been trying to talk myself out of going but I am so glad I went. The store is uber cool and I even ran into several of my art club friends unexpectedly. The store had demos going continuously and raffles at the end of each demo. It is truly a paper lovers paradise and I was definitely in heaven during the time I spent perusing the store. It would have been so nice to have had that store at our disposal during the days when I was learning to stamp and definitely when I was getting ready for the wedding last year. I know they are online but I'm a touchy-feely kind of person so without seeing the actual product it is very hard for me to order it sight unseen. They have their own selection of stamps, some of which are totally fun, and the paper is to die for. That really rounds out a trip to down to NorthPark where I can visit Paper Source, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy, dELiA's, XXI, a flagship Bath and Body Works, a super Victoria's Secret and very soon Betsey Johnson. Some of it is eye candy, some of it is inspiration and some of it is just pure fun.

I picked up a couple things at Paper Source for Creative Escape '08 that was on the 'to bring' list so I now have only a couple more items to find before I have that bag packed. I think after I check Stamp Asylum what I can't find there I will purchase at I need to start working on pulling photos for the classes soon.

36 days until Eric and I leave for Jamaica.
32 days until CE starts.
30 days until I leave.
23 days until school starts.

Last weekend I spent the weekend in Dallas at an in-town art retreat. We had a really great time doing classes and hanging out at what we call "the Castle." We stayed up really late, had tons of girl talk (imagine the guys' locker room) and several even swam. Next year I vow to swim and maybe even take a dive off the diving board. I took my camera but didn't take any photos. I think the only time the camera came out was to snap photos of several of the end products. Ooops.

Tomorrow we're going to see the first showing of Step Brothers and then I plan to spend the rest of the day in my studio creating. I'm really looking forward to inspired. 2009 and have really gotten into Donna Downey's creative endeavors recently and want to try working on a journal she did a tutorial on. (I should be working on that doggone (no pun intended) layout for SB instead of working on other things.) She's been doing some great stuff lately that I have totally been digging. She is just so out-of-the-box. As Kal Barteski said at inspired. 2008 during the best pencil crayon (a.k.a. colored pencils for those of us here in America) class ever, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about what we have created, it only matters if we like it. Hence, I only do it to please me.

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