Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A midweek update

Life has been a little crazy for us here this week. The kids return to school in 12 days and it's been a carousel ride with everything that has been monopolizing our attention, from practice to schedule pick up to, well, everything else that seems to be needing my immediate attention. I'm baffled that August is nearly halfway over. The summer has really flown by. The relentless heat has even given way to some rather tolerable temps. It is actually pretty nice out there, even in the middle of the day, and we were blessed with a good bit of rain a couple days ago with more forecast for the weekend. Loving that! You know how I love a good thunderstorm and cloudy, dreary days!

Several things have happened over the past week or so which have resulted in a couple of tough days for me. In order to not come across as cryptic, one of them had to do with a phone call that I felt I have needed to make for quite some time, which was a result of searching through photos trying to find snapshots of my dog for the Page in a Bag contest to determine DT team spots and I happened across photos of a day at the beach with some friends and their kiddos and others of my prior life which dug up a lot of memories. The end result was pretty much what I had anticipated as well and something I needed to actually hear so that my suspicions were verified. I tend to be one of those people who likes to think the glass is half full although I may not come across that way all the time. And of course, it sucks when no matter what you do, you always lose friends in a the situation of a divorce. While the call ended well, I also know that it can neer be the way it was. The only thing I want to say about it here, at this point, is that it is truly sad that some people can still not come to terms with what their responsibilities are in certain situations and while that is not surprising, it is still frustrating, and skirting around the facts and only relaying to others what he thinks makes him look good to those currently involved in this person's life only proves what I have known all along - he is not a man, he refuses to take accountability for what HE did and from what I'm told, Karma is truly a bitch. Let Karma take the lead! And I know all those who know me and what the kids and I endured, this is truly not said to be ugly - it's just the way it is. As they say, what goes around comes around.

We took Jack to dinner tonight for his 15th birthday. We're 6 days early but this is the way he wanted to celebrate. With a football scrimmage on the horizon for the day after his birthday, he felt it was better to go out and enjoy a good, healthy, hearty dinner tonight. I agree - gotta be careful what you eat and when you eat it! He has proven over and over he is a yaker! We'll have cake and gifts on his actual birthday with a toned down dinner at home so as not to upset the gastrointestinal process of his young football playing being.

Today I found out that the volleyball schedule will definitely coincide with the football schedule. Both the kids have practice in the mornings and both of them have games on Thursday evenings; 5:00 for volleyball and 5:30 for football. I am just sick and completely heartbroken I will miss half of each of their games. I know that other families have dealt with this very issue but somehow it still feels like I'm really going to be missing out. Luckily next year we will be enjoying football on Friday evenings so volleyball will not interfere. Let the games begin!

I was trying to post some photos but Blogger isn't allowing the upload so I guess this will be a naked post.

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Shell said...

I believe in karma and I also believe that the universe rewards those who are good people and you are definitely one of the good ones!


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