Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello to 100

This is officially my 100th post and it seems like it's been a long time coming. I really felt like I would have reached this milestone long ago and honestly I didn't realize I was anywhere near the 100th until I just happened to look at what my post count was as I was logging in. Strange as I typically never even check to see what number I am on. So this is almost like an anniversary of sorts. shall I celebrate?

I think I'll celebrate by signing up for this Jessica Sprague class and then spread the word about it. I have posted the flyer above. If you are interested in stories and telling them, this is the class for you ~ and it's free. Can't beat that! Check it out on her website~address above on the flyer or click on her name where the link is embedded. You know how I love to tell stories (or actually how I go on and on telling my stories) and felt like this would be something I could be inspired by and definitely give me the kick in the pants to tell the stories I would love to get down in some form somewhere before I am old and the Old Timer's sets in and I have forgotten them.

Today was the first day I ventured out and did any extensive time away from my comfy, cozy home. I did okay and don't feel too bad. I've been slowly increasing my activity so I can get back to normal. I'm so ready to be back to my old ways! I'm sure Eric isn't though ~ he likes me less active so I spend more time with him. I just like to be busy.

This week was the week Michaels "honors" their employees with a great 50% discount complete with exclusions. Nice. Love how the coupons don't work on books and magazines anymore. Locally (not so local to us though) there is a concept store in Hurst which Michaels will eventually fashion their stores after so Eric, being the loving and sweet hubby he is, took me all the way to Hurst to see the store and to shop using his super discount. This particular Michaels has quite a large papercrafting section and I have been interested in seeing what it was like ever since Eric told me about the store. I also had my interest peaked even more since I had just gotten out of the hospital the evening before Tim Holtz was demoing all day there (and obviously I was unable to make it) and if he is called to demo somewhere it must be a pretty cool place, especially since I knew he had met with Michaels a few weeks prior to that! That's when I knew I had to see what was so special about this place. *wink* Overall I felt that the store was nicely designed. The bead area is amazing and the papercrafting section even more so. The selection in the bead area and papercrafting area is so much better than your regular run-of-the-mill Michaels and that bums me out since I cannot easily make it over there to shop. Hopefully in the near future a Michaels near us will make the transition and I'll be a happy camper but judging by the way the economy is I may be waiting a while. Let's not even get me started on the economy and recession.

This is my stash I brought home today. Honestly, I felt really bad that I bought all this stuff but at half-off I can't exactly justify not getting it when it's this discounted, and I obviously cannot purchase this stuff anywhere else at this price. Besides, Eric assured me it was not a big deal. How did I ever get so lucky?

Now off to write in The Good Book and remember all the good of today.

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donnaj said...

i can't believe you were over here and didn't tell me! at least you can be "jealous" of MY michaels! and i saw tim briefly...
glad you are doing better!


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