Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wanna know what makes me happy?

These are things that make me happy. My art is what makes me happy - that is of course, after my children and my truly sexy hubby. The above photo was taken of a project completed at Creative Escape '08 during the class taught by Tim Holtz. This is a pin/necklace (the pin attachment has a bezel on it for adding a chain) that is 'stored' in a frame as art so that it doesn't end up in the jewelry box. What a great idea! Tim has the best ideas and the best products to work with. He's a visionary and truly a gifted artist. It amazes me the talent that comes from him. A friend of mine mentioned how nice it would be to have a camera in his art studio where we could just watch how he creates. Where it comes from I don't know but I surely would like to have some of that pour from my veins.

The two photos to the left are photos from the class Kolette Hall graced us with. It was called "The Good Book" and it truly is a wonderful concept in what most of us would call a 'gratitude journal.' The basis of this book is to take a few moments each day and write down something positive that happened or something that made you happy about the day thus forming a habit of positive thoughts you can retreat back to when times get tough or you just have the inevitable 'bad day' that we all experience from time to time. The motivation behind this book was a journal-type book from a company called Per Annum that Kolette had where she wrote a sentence or two each day so that she could remember the good in her life. She told us that doing this changed her life because as each day was coming to a close she took a few moments to jot down the good and she went to bed in a good mood thus waking up in a good mood which she stated has transformed her life. It also had space for her to add a photo. As she mentioned, and as we all know, sometimes we can get stuck in that rut of all that is bad and at times it is hard to see the good in even the simplest things. Her vision was to be able to see the good in each and every day, each and every situation. I've made the commitment to do this each day so that I never forget the good in my life and so far I feel that is has made a difference in the way I see things.

The following layout and wall hanging are two projects I did with the August kit from Jenni Bowlin. I love Jenni's products and she always throws in a vintage twist to everything she does. Jenni also taught at Creative Escape '08 and although I haven't finished the project, it was truly Jenni! (I promise to post a photo of the project when I complete it.) Her kit arriving on my doorstep each month makes me so happy it feels like Christmas. The reveal of new products that will be out soon that she posted on her blog makes me *smile*. I am so excited for what she has in store.
More than a year after the big day I continue working, albeit very slowly, doing a layout here and there hoping to one day complete the scrapbook.

I also started a scrapbook of our honeymoon to Jamaica that I haven't even touched since January when I took the class Donna Downey taught over in Rockwall at Gotta Scrap. I need some serious studio time.

Today I had a wonderful visit with my beautiful and very sweet friend Michelle and her completely adorable bebe boy Brock. They came over bearing my favorite drink, a salted caramel iced hot cocoa from Starbucks and to visit me. Thank you for breaking up the monotony of being stuck in the house for what seems like a month already and for the indulgent cocoa. You certainly know what the princess needed!

Tomorrow I head to both of my two-week post surgical visits. I am hopeful that the ball and chain that has been permanently attached to me in a not-so-happy place will finally be removed. I am seriously hoping that all the time I have spent sleeping and pampering myself (not really pampering but I guess if you call sitting in bed playing on the laptop, catching up on TiVo and reading pampering, then so be it and maybe getting out of household chores is a bit pampering as well - thank you to my awesome kiddos and sweet hubby) will be just what my body needed to heal this bladder issue I was so lucky to experience. Don't get me wrong, I am truly grateful it wasn't something more but I am honestly tired of dragging this thing around. It's sort of like the company that just won't leave. Only 13 hours.........and counting.

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Shell said...

Feel better soon Princess!
NorthPark awaits us!
Love the gorgeous wedding pics.....
they are stunning!


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