Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st


How happy the kids are that Halloween is on a Friday. They love the fact they won't have to hurry home after collecting their loot and I'm happy it's the weekend we gain that extra hour of sleep, too.

The kids have texted me to let me know that they are safely back from trick-or-treating with their best friends. Tanner takes his pilot case (yes, luggage) and fills it up. It is always a Battle of the Sexes on who gets the most candy though the girls don't stoop to the 'luggage' level. Only the boys would do something like that! And there is always a pile of candy set aside for Eric and I. They know I want the Whoppers and Twizzlers and Eric loves the Reese's. Such thoughtful little people!

This week was a crazy one and I am glad it's over. I plan to spend some time catching up on e-mail and playing in my art room as long as I am feeling up to it. This week was more than I planned for it to be, but I am so glad I did it all!

On a happy note, tomorrow I can officially start playing the Christmas music. My how I love the holiday season.

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