Monday, November 10, 2008

Healing and Ruptures

These last couple weeks have been busy for us, especially for me. I spent the first 2-1/2 weeks after surgery in a blur, trying as I might to be as good as I knew I should, as I tried to recover. The two weeks that followed have been nutty as I have dove, face first of course, into everything the way my world revolved prior to going in and having my innards yanked out. I never expected the walls I would hit on a daily basis, the walls of exhaustion and fatigue. As I spent my Sunday recovering from the prior day of Holiday decorating (yes, my little one was ready for the tree and we happily obliged) I once again hit a wall but this wall was not one of exhaustion or fatigue, it was one of intense pain, and a lot of it. I've spent 24 of the last 29 hours in extreme, horrific pain and just in the last couple hours I've started to feel a little better thanks to the pain medication. Unfortunately my lone ovary developed a cyst which ruptured at some point yesterday causing me the most awful pain I have ever experienced and that is even when compared to childbirth. Not really loving life right now but grateful to my sweet hubby who is always by my side taking care of me even when it means he is awoken at 3 a.m. to retrieve some pain meds, water with which to wash those meds down and some crackers so I don't end up losing my cookies after swallowing said meds, which end up not working, and sitting up with me while I writhe in pain waiting patiently with me until the clock strikes 8:30 so I am able to get in touch with my doctor. Thankfully it wasn't anything related to my surgery and from the doctor's standpoint just a fluke, something that coincidentally happened. Oh, lucky me. Another day or two more of resting - if I could just feel good while being required to rest so I can actually do something fun while whiling away the hours.


donnaj said...

First, i hope you are doing better-second It is WAAAAAY to early for christmas or trees!!!! :)

Shell said...

Feel better Princess!
Hooray for Christmas decorations!

Shan in Japan said...

Man, what a weekend! Here in Japan people have started putting up their Christmas trees. I am trying to wait until after American Thanksgiving!
Hope you are feeling better!


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