Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice a plenty.

It's been a fun day around here for the kids. We woke up to icy roads and below freezing temps which in turn means that school was delayed for two hours and two hours later it turned into 'delayed' for the day! That's right, what you are hearing are the kids going nutty in the background after finding out they had the day off. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if there were a few inches of the fluffy white stuff waiting for us to play in. I've got a sled that's just aching for a trip down the hill over at the park.

That said, it's obviously been a bit chilly here but we welcome the cold arctic air. We don't enjoy the heat around here and honestly I love sweaters, slippers, cocoa/tea/Starbucks and getting cozy under the blank-lets, as Tanner has always called them. It was a tongue-tie issue for a while but has now turned into a funny expression that we all laugh at when he says it. With weather like this the childhood memories flood back and somehow the warm fuzzies take over.

Tomorrow afternoon I will get a dose of my favorite warm-the-tummy beverage when I meet my dear friend who has the cutest baby I know at my neighborhood Starbucks. It is time for some eye candy and a beverage to warm the insides while we catch up on day-to-day happenings.

Starbucks is supporting the (RED) campaign and one of my favorite Holiday beverages is the peppermint mocha twist and I love the slip that goes over the cup. "Do something good every day." If we all just did one good thing a day those things would turn into two in a day which would turn into three and pretty soon we'd have a world full of goodness. Anything is possible.

I found this link to a site where you can back up blogs and it is free - bloggled.com. It's so easy to delete things accidentally or find that a sites server has gone bad so I thought this may be a good idea. This blog may be a prized possession for my children at some point in the future so I would like to protect all the work, and love, I have put into it.

Here a few more photos I snapped while downtown McKinney last Friday. The dressed-up windows make me smile. They really capture the spirit of Christmas and I absolutely love the fact there is so much vintage in these windows.

I'm still searching for the peace I have been looking for and unfortunately things have gotten a bit more sticky. I really believed that it would happen but at this point in the game I feel that what I am looking for will never be there. Some people tend to not do the right thing and I am definitely looking into all possible avenues to take care of the issues that will not go away and I am hoping against all hope that there is something that will allow us the peace we so deserve. I have often wondered how you are to forgive someone if they don't make the changes they need to in order to right the wrongs. The madness needs to stop and we deserve to move on with our lives - we have all been through too much and the time for it to stop has passed.

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