Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

No, they don't look like Martha's but that wasn't the point today. I had the Mommy-urge to bake sugar cookies for the kids so they helped me cut them out and after baking I frosted and covered them with colored sugars. The end result was Yumm-O! After the baking was done I settled in for a much deserved long winter's nap on this, the first day of winter. After today the days will now start getting longer and that makes everyone in my house happy with the exception of me. I think I would do well in Alaska - the snow, the cold and the dark! The 24-hours of nonstop light is another story altogether!

Still loving the looks of this beautiful cake Eric helped me with earlier in the month. I was hostessing our art club meeting and made some goodies to share. Unfortunately I didn't realize the only thing I had forgotten was the dip for the crackers and sadly I didn't remember until I was on Patti's doorstep though lucky girl I am she saved me by whipping up a really good dip to replace the one I had forgotten.

This mint chocolate satin cake was definitely a hit!

Saturday afternoon on my way home from making birthday party invitations I caught this photo of the sky. I am unsure if this is what a jet stream looks like as it passes overhead but regardless, it looked really cool and deserved to be captured. The temperatures plummeted to below freezing last night and struggled to get above freezing today with more below freezing temps for tonight. We ventured out earlier this evening and although it was cold I will say it definitely made it feel a bit more like Christmas and I sort of enjoyed it and sad as it is, I love it. I do miss my winters back home, especially around Christmas. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without the fluffy white stuff on the ground or even better is when it is falling from the sky.

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Shan in Japan said...

That cake looks amazing! Will you share the recipe?!

Hope you had a great Christmas! It was nowhere near white here. The only day of the year I like winter is Christmas day:) I am the opposite of you, I could live in AK during the summer with light all day-although I like the heat and humidity of Japan better than the mild temps of an AK summer.


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