Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Sunday of 2008

On this, our last Sunday of the year in 2008, we are hanging out. It's been a lazy day for us. I guess sometimes you need one of those but I typically feel guilty for "wasting" the day away. Our day consisted of getting out of bed a bit later than usual for all of us.

Eric replaced the rear struts/shocks on the car (he replaced the front ones about 9 days ago) and now the car rides like a dream. No more bottoming out while riding in our very own bounce house.

Taryn and I took a little shopping trip to Target and Michaels in search of some color-by-number things her friend got for Christmas but we had no luck finding them at either place. We later learned through the technology of texting that they were purchased at Wal-Mart. I did make a small $1.57 purchase at Michaels as the base for some future gifts which was a steal. I was thankful I went by there the day after Christmas and purchased what I did because they had zero Christmas paper crafting products left that I was able to find.

At Target I purchased the green napkins, a second charger and plate, two appetizer plates and a candle holder to match the other items I purchased Friday evening. Yes, those items I mentioned in the previous post took me by the hand, led me to Target a second time on Friday night and jumped into my basket. Well, not really but my sweet hubby was a supportive catalyst in the deal. I didn't purchase the table runner (not sure I want it) or pretty apron (they didn't have any), yet, but I did get the cork backed placemats, the cocktail napkins, the two sets of towels and a charger and plate. It is cheap but it is fun but it also somehow reminds me of my grandmother. Yes, I also have a strange fetish for pretty and fun tableware but that is what makes it memorable. Or chalk it up to my love of entertaining. Whatever it is it makes me happy. Just ask my kids a few years down the road and I bet they will say how the presentation was always there even on the most ordinary of days! I know that is something I remember from my childhood, the holiday dinners when the pretty dinnerware came out. I wish we could have used the pink depression glass dishes more often as I was growing up if only to make more ordinary days extraordinary. I realize that it wasn't the material possessions we had growing up but the memories that were made which are the most precious. That is what I want to pass along to my children.

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Shell said...

So stylish and pretty-perfect for you! Happy New Year!


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