Friday, December 26, 2008

Shiny Brite

These little beauties arrived today safely tucked away in bunches and bunches of styrofoam individually wrapped in my favorite way to pass the time ~ bubble wrap. Come on, you know you love popping those little bubbles, too! I found this awesome apothecary jar on my after-Christmas venture to Target at a very good price so it now has a new home.

This photo also documents my very first attempt at adding brushes to my photos. It was a joyous occasion to say the least. I have been a bit intimidated by the digi movement and have done everything I can to avoid having to learn yet something new as it relates to the computer. I am happy as a clam knowing I finally broke through the fear! Remember Michael Jordan's "Just do it!" slogan? That's what I did. I am very happy with the outcome and now that I am aware of how simple it is I will be going digi crazy! I think I am now ready to conquer the Photoshop world!

While out on my post holiday shopping session I, of course, had to go to Michael's to see if anything I have had my eye on was on the 50% off sale and of course there were several items that I picked up. I also had to pay my sweet hubby's paycheck by dropping some green there as well.

My trip to Target that scored me the awesome apothecary jar and several other cool finds also left me sort of a cross between Heather Bailey and Anthropologie-like happy. I was giddy when I came across the new spring line for the kitchen. The kitschy towels and table runners and cocktail napkins and even the apron made me smile. You can only find this collection at the brick-and-mortar Target stores but you can view a portion of this collection online at Target

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