Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes it just feels.....

....like I am getting kicked in the teeth over and over and over. But then again, there isn't a whole lot I can do about it so I just pull up my big girl panties and deal with it although it sure would be nice to have a bit of a reprieve at some point along the way. It's been so looonnggg since there has been any peace in my world. So.....on my quick pre-ice storm trip to Wally World I bought myself a bouquet of pink tulips to help perk up my day. As I walked by the flower cooler I couldn't help but notice these little pretties peeking up at me while whispering in my ear "take me home and I will help you smile."

Thank God for the beauty and simplicity of the tulip.

As for the ice storm we are awaiting, I ventured out about an hour ago to pick up a prescription at the Target pharmacy and the roads were fine. I am still waiting to see if the weatherman is correct in his prediction of the layer of ice we are to wake up to in the morning. With the way the rain is falling if it were snow it would be absolutely beautiful. Have I mentioned lately how much I *love* snow?

Tomorrow afternoon I have jury duty and I pray that they don't pick me because I have a kiddo who needs to get to driving school and obviously he needs a ride! I realize it is my civic duty but I don't get paid for being off work and I'm not exactly a believer in the court systems around here but that is a whole different story for a completely different day. I do hope it was like the last time I was sent a summons - I showed up and about 30 minutes later I was out of there by default with the remainder of the afternoon off of work to play.

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