Sunday, January 04, 2009


........I can relate!

But yesterday all was right in my world and I would like to express how nice it felt. It's been a while and was very welcome. The temperature was gorgeous (around 80), the house was clean and smelled wonderful after the 7-hour Christmas tear down and clean up ritual on Friday followed by 2 hours on Saturday to complete the entire house, I went for my first run in three months (since before my first surgery) and my time was awful which means I'll need to work up to my normal AGAIN, my sweet hubby and I snuck away for lunch together followed by some shopping on the square for a bit while enjoying the weather. It was purely a magical day.

Tomorrow is a return to the same ole'-same ole' ~ kids back to school and hopefully work back to normal (a lot of the doctors were off for the holidays) ~ humdrum of life. I'll be looking for the magic in all the moments in between the chaos.

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