Sunday, February 08, 2009

Real Life

With an economy that slips further and further into the tank as each day passes and we deal with loved ones losing jobs (this, my friends, is the sixth time I will have had to personally deal with a situation such as this in my adult life) and I prepare to turn 40 in a few weeks, I will admit it is hard to get out of bed each day and look LIFE straight in the eye. Sometimes I would just like to give LIFE a little of it's own medicine and sucker punch it right in the gut because I, quite honestly, am beyond tired of these great surprises creeping up to startle me and LIFE never giving in. While I would rather wish it away I realize that LIFE, real LIFE, is happening right in front of me and I can't hibernate like the bears until it is all better. I cannot run away, even though I want to. I cannot pretend it is not happening, even though I want to. And I certainly cannot get this time back, however good or bad LIFE may be treating me at any given point.

We are blessed to have a home, our health and thankfully I have my job and although they are also cutting jobs where I work (like you didn't see that one coming) I fortunately did not make the list. Maybe that was LIFE giving in, at least just a little.

There is no return policy for LIFE. If you really stop and think about it, LIFE is a consumable and although most consumables can be replaced, like that ink pen that stopped working last week or the gas we used to drive to the supermarket, you cannot replace the moment that just passed you by as you were reading the words I have written. You will never get that moment back. It is gone forever and how you chose to spend that moment of your LIFE was a choice you made. And no, you may never go back to undo what you chose to do for regaining that time like you can when you erase something you have written on the paper that you would like to change. So again, while I would prefer the "wake me when it is over" theory I must continue to trudge through this grand thing called LIFE.

For the days are long, but the years are short and if you have 60 seconds check it out.

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