Monday, April 27, 2009

Just stopping by to say hi

Still working on The Photographer's Workshop by Karen Russell. I just spent some time tonight re-reading, AGAIN, some of the lessons that have me stumped. I know I can get this stuff but I I have to admit that I'm struggling~this is complicated business. I have a new respect for photographers (not that I didn't before, it's just a much greater respect) than I ever had before. There are even assignments and I'm having a hard time with those since my subjects tend to not be very cooperative. *wink* Maybe taking their phones away will help...hmmmmm. Nah, they'd never believe me.

The weekend skipped by us so quickly we hardly even knew it was here. I did get a few things done, some new art projects started and most importantly I got my supplies packed for my trip next week to inspired. I can hardly believe it is almost time to jump on that plane. Seems like just a couple months ago I signed up to return to this event. Wowza! Plans drastically changed but it has worked out okay. Instead of going with the girls I went with last year (super fun road trip last year) I am flying and staying with some girls I met at the event. Family issues arose and are keeping them home this year. Amazing what can go South in such a short amount of time, but one cannot stop living just because something 'may' come up.

We are still trying to adjust to the new schedule. It's a struggle but we'll get there. I know it's hard for Eric to be working these hours but it's also hard on me. The worst part of it is that I am not sleeping well. I'm tired when I shouldn't be and I can't sleep when I should be. I know it's just because I have to readjust how I sleep - knowing I have to sleep with one eye open (or rather sleeping lighter) because of the kiddos. I hear everything again-it's that mama bear thing. Add that to always keeping one eye on my back and my eyes are probably going a bit wonky!

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